magic bow


he draws taut

his magic bow

one arrow

a drop of vitriol

relief is slow ….




Awareness erupts

as poison

slides home.


31 thoughts on “magic bow”

  1. I love the meter and rhyme you have working here. But this lyric in particular sings:

    one arrow

    a drop of vitriol

    relief is slow ….

    And I do love your use of space to simulate the arrow’s flight. This is one of my new favourites of yours.


  2. This is one of the times you should go supernova. If only to facemelt the arrow before it can even reach you. And, heck…you’re immune to poison when you’re supernova anyway, because you are purest energy…and hearing is kinda difficult when you’re melting down, due to the impossible ruckus your own explosion is creating. You’re like a freaking superhero…lol. 😀

    *big love* Mr. Magic Bow Dude obviously does not realize he is messing with The Silver Poet.


    1. you’re funny! its all me!! me fighting myself …. although now I look at it I realise there has been some dram like that in my extended family of late! i don’t even know I am expressing my excess energy and processing stuff sometimes!!
      anyhoo, i do love how you jump to my defence it makes me feel all starlike and flashy :-))))


    1. I didn’t know I was actually telling a story until swirl girl commented and then i got thinking and woah i WAS processing a drama! not my direct drama but one in the extended family, quite full on has all the elements to engage a wide audience of soap opera fanatics!
      and in relation to the word vitriol…yes i find myself using it in quite a natural fashion, its a good one!


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