A Hero Dance Spectacular


my response to Rainer Maria Rilke’s Duino Elegies  , below is the sixth of ten poems.


Moving the clouds and crowds

spreading sleeping seeds

aloft on silken water


The strength it takes to burst like juice

through skin into sunshine

to crack the husk of subtle reiteration.


Music dictates a circular journey

but thought remains linear and well trodden.

Perch upon a note to harvest certain joy

of edgeless transparent space



and bring to the table songs from beyond the inky womb

but most, like I, left much behind……

and it is a .. . . s  l … o  .. . .w  .  .  .  uncurling

to the hero dance spectacular


24 thoughts on “A Hero Dance Spectacular”

  1. Yes … It is true all that glitters are not gold … But .. The one that is true to love … will shine through a heart and dwell their forever in a hero’s heart …


  2. I am also one of the ones left behind, and I do know a few people who seem to have sprung from the womb fully grown, my son being one of them (though I have evidence to the contrary)

    You write how I think. So many times, I have read something of yours and simply nodded. Because yes, Sleeping seeds do spread on musical journeys in edge less, transparent space. 😉


    1. i was lying on the grass this morning and it began to rain , like stars falling from the sky, the intensity of the spark as they landed on my face reminded me that I am not alone in the world.
      i am glad you exist x


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