Art of Kundalini




LONGING to explode

to shatter the construction

and flush my cells of the murk and grey that clings

I lie on the grass

and stars fall on my lips

setting fire to my words

wetting my passion

I am you

I know this

and every pain

and every light thought

that strokes you

is mine

we live in the nucleus of intelligence



28 thoughts on “Art of Kundalini”

  1. Ok, so…I dunno if I am missing something, but were I to desire to purchase a painting at some point, do I just tell you which one..or… 😉 I think I really need to have something you have created.

    Also, was this beautiful parcel of precious words a product of the day you lay in the rain and realized you weren’t alone? Where better for stars to fall than on your lips?


    1. yes it was from that dawn, i don’t know why the rain sparked so much but it was amazing so very amazing intricately beautiful and expansive……as for the paintings If you did love one enough yes just tell me the number of it and we can make arrangements to send and pay etc after that…. i never quite know how to make that bit easy… might be an artist thing….you are so sweet and lovely you can have two for the price of one xxx


  2. yes. so evocative. your lines, as usual, just flow. How we are one — every pain, every thought “that strokes you”….is mine too. me and the divine. me and any other person on this earth. we all have this desire, at times, to explode this shell…whatever keeps us from living out the song or the poem within us. thank you for your words, your courage to share. love to you, lisa


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