breaKING OF tHE AgReemenTS

the cloud  I AM
suspends from The centre
of this Space
i am Salacious and Intrepid
Dare I strip back the confines of this,
might i Dissolve ? the mortar that sticks me here?
Nebulous horizons
offer Solace
though Uncertain
and there is a tough Stretching
A beginning Song
a tugging and puffing Of dense Flesh
A violet smiling Sin
in here
A Reaping of spirit
a harvesting Of elements
what portrays and Pantos a Tight Red
is but A leaking pink that laughs
and tightens its grasp
ha ha the Jester Decides
not I
And the Dancing Feet Tap
breaking the tainted strapping
spreading feathers Like wanton Rain
mum's picters 880


25 thoughts on “breaKING OF tHE AgReemenTS”

      1. I just wanted you to know that I’m sharing the artwork from you blog onto my blog page. I will link it directly to your blog. I saw your new post showcasing the art. The color is soothing. I just made a page called “Art, Respectively” with lots of color. I am showcasing art (hopefully daily) asking my readers a few prompting questions about the piece. Tomorrow I will share yours. 🙂


      2. Well thank you SO much I will place an acknowledgement linking back to you from the website. I love the interconnectedness and love that we can find in each others work
        so very much appreciated x


      3. Absolutely! It’s exciting to me, too. Due to the nice weather the past few days (which I think is a legitimately fine excuse) I had taken a slight break from posting, but I am up and running; about to visit your blog, now, to find some awesome art!! Thank you, as well.


      4. Hello Arna,

        I have chosen a beautiful piece by you. Come see. Let me know if you would like me to include something more in the description. There are links to different spots on your “Art of Kundalini” webpage from my post. Check it out. : ) It would be cool to have the artist herself comment on the meaning of the piece. I would feel privileged 😉


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