Sweat and Magic


There is sweat and magic in her creases

a fragrant treasure

a fervent secret

there is a flashing

world of neurocracy

there is red

and there is black

there is in fact

a luminous universe

I smile quietly

at this silken craven thought.




45 thoughts on “Sweat and Magic”

  1. in every stanza i find loving affirmation of me and those like me. for example:

    There is sweat and magic in her creases… i am full-bodied woman with delectable “creases”

    a fragrant treasure… i take time to fragrance the body i’m blessed with

    a fervent secret… the best kind of “secret…” fervent, challenging ones loyalty to keep what simmers beneath the surface, beneath the surface.

    there is a flashing… electrifying passion

    world of neurocracy… exciting ones neurological circuitry!

    there is red… like the challenging drape of a matador…. come here!

    and there is black… the sensuality of red & black etched in all lovers minds

    there is in fact… …

    a luminous universe… this man perceives the totality of the object of his affection…

    I smile quietly… and is pleased

    at this silken craven thought. … deliciously, of me.

    😉 such an affirmation of the desires of my own heart… to be perceived, wanted, and cherished for who i am, as i am. can anyone relate to what i;m saying? :~)


  2. You’re a goddess. I want to write in this touching way, with so much sensory words. I do this a lot, but I don’t always include the rhythm the way you do. Maybe you can take a look and give me advice. I Also LOVE that you use art too! You should try making spoken word little movie like a music video but with poetry:)


    1. sounds wonderful but a bit digitally backward, me 😉
      your compliments are lovely I really appreciate them, just let go to your soul and out it will flow…I will check yours out as soon as I get a moment xx


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