Art Opens Me


Please visit my art website, brimming with visual healing and the tumescent colours of love, driven by desire to plumb the depths, I do it for you


Flayed by sable

spread with pigment

creamed by colour

wanton inking

apple green

stripped to my core

gasping for more

I dip

I fly

on archival wings

gouache lips

snaking and bouncing






unbound by art

I am called



30 thoughts on “Art Opens Me”

  1. Oh, honey…I love your passion for all things, and how you experience the world through art. I also love experiencing the world through your art and words. Here, in this little corner of the internets, the world is beautiful. Thank you for that. πŸ™‚

    Also? Dancing on wet orange feet could become my favorite pastime.


  2. That’s amazing. you are amazing!
    I have to save that page and show my daughter. She’s a drawer and has now decided to study art after year 12. You are such an inspiration. Thank you.


  3. i imagine rolling in pigment
    painting my skin
    with purple-hued passion
    and breathlessly
    trying to frame the love
    without success

    Love your work. I am in love with your art, and wish to buy it dinner.


  4. Love it, that feeling of joy and passion, being carried away by what inspires you, you capture so well here. Also love your artwork, the primal lines and colors of feminine beauty and being.


  5. So beautiful…to see words and art together like this. Your poetry is inspiring to me and your art work just pure You to me. Will visit your art website.:)


  6. Beneath a a sweet heart underlays the fruit of sweetness … The sweetness can connect its roots to countless others … Bringing about sweetness and joy for all … Thanks for sharing the great poem … Silver Poet …


  7. I bookmarked your website. Your art is so vividly colored! The circular/swirl/bubble/balloon pattern appears to embrace the subjects of your artworks in a loving vibrancy. Thanks for sharing your visual art and expansive creativity!


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