the cotton river

weaves its army

tells a story

of gore and glory

coursing with deliberate delicacy

perfect Β rows

and streams


golden soldiers

and courtesans

the flesh cushioned and fine

swinging side by side


but left to the hand of time

under the gaze of heavy feet

and feigned royalty

they curl

toward each other in a tangled frenzy

a passionate orgy

of desperate frayed


power woman


36 thoughts on “Tassels”

  1. How I love this. I am always reaching out, whether I know it or not. Frayed connections are my specialty. I like them frayed, because even the fibres can knit together…like felting.

    Oh you genius, you.


    1. to frayed edges can always be cauterised if enough heat is generated πŸ˜‰
      haha my partner carries a lighter wherever he goes in order to cauterise frayed edges, i never met anyone so concerned about them!
      i don’t know about genius… but maybe πŸ™‚ more likely I woke up with tassels on my mind for some insane reason


    1. but I think my poetry is accidental πŸ™‚

      I will tell you this: feel it don’t force it,
      be brave enough to put words together that may not normally fit,
      and write your poem then go back read it slowly and be honest with yourself, if you feel a slightly off feeling as you read a sentence then that sentence or word needs to go pro change!

      there you go, thats a start! xx


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