Free the Beast


This strange stretching heart again!







and biting





flushed and high

boring its way through hot rivers

layed out like a woman

adorned with apples

flesh split and oozing

it’s toes make circles in

satin sand


swirls of colour


star bound….. birds

turn their heads

and push their feathered wing

pressing with shoulder bones

like babies knees

inside the womb.

One must free this pumping beast

or die trying.





21 thoughts on “Free the Beast”

    1. 🙂
      I had to remove soooo many words before it even began to make any sense to me, so I am incredibly relieved you derived something from this one. It was SUCH a feeling thing, I was hard put to bring the right words to it!


  1. I just read a poem from another felt remarkably and honestly ‘human’. Now YOUR poem…it like eating a cheesecake, every piece is packed with flavour and meant to be savoured until the end. You have undeniably captured a truth in these fragrant words of yours 🙂


    1. oh thank you, i think as I seek to match words with the feeling (especially in this one) there is a strange connection that takes place that I don’t really understand and sometimes that wordless ‘thing’ comes through and nibbles at the readers, it nibbles at me all the time- i learn things after I write a poem – as though the wordless thing has messages- sometimes I get them sometimes I don’t! ….i have just woken up haha i think it is obvious in my reply to you! need some coffee!!


      1. You will discover in increasingly sharper ways that many of life’s precious things are not meant to be expressed in words…OR it may be very difficult to do so. Makes a poet’s life much more exciting 😀 I think there is a thrill we all have in that… take some experience that wasn’t understood in words and attempt to use words to share it lol


  2. powerful imagery — the words themselves beat the rhythm of the poem. Really great. I haven’t gotten anything from you for quite awhile. I hope everything goes well for you. 😎


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