Thoughts Become Things!


a flare in the mind, a surge through the  heart, a movement a mark, 

a warm tongue without words and pigment coats eager fingers.

Water cuts through mountains, a creature, a creative, a volcanic eruption….

Inspiration is my lover.


Hello everyone,

I AM EXCITED to share with you my latest major creation The Art Of Kundalini Inspirational Card deck.








If anyone has read my Kundalini article they will know that integration of this energy into my physical being and life has been a strong and real (sometimes frightening) always rewarding and ongoing experience for me.

Since meeting my Kundalini  and really consciously beginning my personal development journey I have been enthusiastically wishing to share my philosophy with others.

These cards I have created are simple reminders that we are energy and light. Combined with images of my artwork they can be used as tools to trigger your own awakening.

If I had only one message for others as they travel the world of enlightenment and energy and Kundalini it would be to SURRENDER, allow your body mind to let go as best you can and the whole journey will be so much easier.

If you are interested in learning more about The Art Of Kundalini  please go to  The Art of Kundalini Card Page

You are also invited to download the FREE Art of Kundalini ebook which accompanies the cards (but you don’t need the cards to enjoy it).

Thanks for all your wonderful presence






20 thoughts on “Thoughts Become Things!”

  1. I would love to read your article sometime!!! 🙂 Amazing journey you are on, so much beauty that filters out to the rest of us. When I am able, I will be buying some cards, hopefully, eventually, some artwork too. I love your artwork, thank you for sharing so much beauty! 🙂


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