Sometimes Heart Dances



and then others…

an aching stone

a vibrating tessellating gravity

a thick beating pane



for nought but a thought of something


blue sighing

and it falls

feather quality

quill first








20 thoughts on “Sometimes Heart Dances”

    1. I mostly write the poem then scan my art for something that matches on some level at least… in this one she has her hands across her heart… and thats where I was feeling the feeling that inspired the poem today xxx


  1. my take on this is that the heart can mimic the stone in that of appearance, such as the blue you refer to – could mean bluesy. the other aspects as to what the stone can do in that of sound and of the visuals as it falls through the air can refer to the elements of the heart during different moods. but when the heart shatters the stone depicts that very well. very nice.


    1. immovable yet still of the same substance as air… it is a play on the feelings heaviness and yet the power of gentleness like a feather to slip right through and render it cellular again… feeble attempt at truly expressing the ultimately wordless dichotomy of this universe:-)


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