The Apex Moment


a sharp and slippery slope and I AM

grappling with air, competing with no beast for the elusive spark

pleading with invisible for succour

a nipple will do, a godly one

oh lay my rushes across the soft

help me to my sinking through

rest my heavy boulder deep in  your warm invitation

stroke me with your wise exuberance, I plead your namelessness

words are sliding borne on unkempt desire

fountaining from my wet throat

curled around my trembling tongue

sitting like sugar on blossoming lips

and in the subsiding

I find myself


guts pushed







18 thoughts on “The Apex Moment”

    1. hellO :))))))
      you are nameless , we are all one x
      good to see your precious face , I was just thinking about you yesterday as I flicked through my art pics and posted up the cello girl on FB
      must be getting warmer in your neck of the woods, we are in our uggies here!


  1. Stretching hard, reaching for something that doesn’t exist only to realise that the only thing around is you and yourself.
    Your pieces are deep and they warrant deeper study to grasp all that is in there. I admire your poetry. Great!!!!!!!!!


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