#2 To the edges ~ an arty feeling game


I will be adding a post like this each week to encourage my friends to play emotional/art games with me ….


Does art trigger emotion in you?


My body can react quite strongly both negatively and positively to a piece of art. And as an emotional intelligence educator and an artist

I am very curious to understand this more deeply.

I have created a space on my website to play with and research the way art effects people physically/emotionally/spiritually.

If you would like to play please go to this link >>

Click on the link to play an arty feeling game with us. when I get enough comments on the website as in more than two 🙂 I will draw a winner

Click here>>  http://www.artofkundalini.com/play-with-me

Thankyou , I really appreciate your time,

love Arna


4 thoughts on “#2 To the edges ~ an arty feeling game”

  1. It appears to me to be a dead body of a woman that is covered in thorns, or perhaps of a woman appears to be attacked. I feel strangely dispassionate towards the picture and curious too.


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