Now Here

My response to Rilke’s Duino Elegies

curled in a little ball


will not save us from the torturous puling of splinters

‘I know NOTHING’

pretending, just in case,

giving meaning to the pure page

……….a clever decoy to fein concern over things more permanent than ourselves!

spreading our neck over that which is willing to reveal itself

and highlight our

sneaky preference for forgetting

we send our projections,

minions leaving clues

a stupid game

it is IN us it IS us it is US nowhere is the treasure and we draw in the mud

black patches over eyes we stumble on hillocks and circle the x

we suckle on the nipple of ignorance


by the passive

generous now

convinced of it’s emptiness


under hot lights and pricked by




The ultimate is happiness

a satisfaction that no man allows himself to be seen to believe

it is more impressive to chase our daggy tails

than accept the





Madame Blavatski

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