Seven Goddesses I AM

You know me as a poet and an artist but really what drives my energy flow is a deep and abiding curiosity about the psyche and our human/spirit connection.

I love to imagine and question, my inner world is alive with myriad characters, it’s like a pantomime in here!

So amongst all the pies my fingers are thick with I create workshop experiences and my latest one is called ‘The Seven Goddesses I AM’ It is a creative course with a visualisation component and an artistic process.

it is imaginative self portraiture 🙂

ANYWA, if this has peaked your interest at all, pop through on this link >> SEVEN GODDESSES and grab the first workshop FREE!

It’s fun, if you are on Facebook let me know and you can join the private group too if you like.

Thanks for your time,



It’s The Bubbles

cupping a vision

rocking it into place

oh smooth to the bursting

pregnant air, eager atomic art

rainbows sliding spheres and arches

over skin

like a lover

unexpected riches pressing

cellular inspiration

flooding moments of elephant eyed clarity


like a pigeon

blue coo, gentle ruffling, smiling to the sky

touching ground

with enthusiastic feet


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