and this one…i call beautiful

when an unexpected experience leads you to unravelling your mind in such a way that you can’t really stay the same…


flawless blue eyes

squeezed light at her

pools of magnitude

direct and clear


the radiant ocean gaze

came to rest


a kindness bird

baring a heart of gold

sipping from her hot cup


an offering

that took her

too close to the sun


and then

she melted



more art ?

8 thoughts on “and this one…i call beautiful”

  1. What an amazing poem. I really enjoyed reading this–so many meanings to it, it crazes for perspective and variety. If you don’t mind I want to feature this on my poetry corner. I will reblogged this post on my blog and hopefully others can follow and read more of your work. well done!

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  2. Reblogged this on kgbethlehem and commented:
    Good evening everyone and welcome again to another Friday Night Poetry Corner. This week a writer called the ‘The Silver Poet’ blessed us with deep, haunting poem that craves for perspective. I know each one of you who reads this will have a totally different view, not just the random various interpretations but a radical view of this piece. It is called “and this one is beautiful.” Enjoy, and please visit this writer’s page. You will be happy you did.


    1. it seems to take a lot of personal strength to move through these moments. Hard to bear the minds obsessive tendencies…. it seems to require the courage to admit there is ‘no hope’ or something, against the will. despite my wishes and the lingering pain, its worth it to find the strength and re empower ourselves 🙂 xx


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