a never-kiss

kisses hot imaginaire

to separate from not-thin air

to turn from him, never known

to find the sun and call it home

to extricate from ties that bind

to slip from not-arms in the mind

how to kill a form not real

a ghost a spirit a thought a feel

a dancing sprite tugs me through

veils of misty never-true

a world of made up make believe

a heaven blue with no reprieve

not-lover why are you still here?

how can i make you disappear?

a brain that works except with this

you cannot wipe clean a never-kiss


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my mask

 the best hiding place I ever found during hide and seek was when I was 10yrs old and hid by sitting at the kitchen table in broad view, no one found me

i spill out from behind every mask i try to wear
it’s pointless …

i always see me


i hide inside my nudity

i hide behind my noise

exposed and vulnerable

because i am alive


photography by Justin Ealand

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