A Silver Thought

Welcome to Silver Poetry.

Reading poetry makes my heart beat a little faster than reading everyday words.

Poetry is art, poetry is a soft, melting tongue.

Poetry is swiftly flowing gold or slow honey,  poetry is a kiss.

Enjoy this art of mine, feel free to comment poetically in return, a shell for a shell.

love gently, but with passion.

Arna aka The Silver Poet

244 thoughts on “A Silver Thought

  1. Hi, Thanks for liking us at The Caterpillar’s Boots. We’ve just been reading about the I AM project – sounds really positive. Been enjoying your words and images too 🙂


  2. “…a shell for a shell:”

    A poem looks like footprints in soft snow
    and touches us where we cannot be reached.
    Its lesson comes in whispers, is not preached,
    a voice of strength with volume turned to low.

    Thank you for the follow.


  3. Poetry,
    awash in currents underneath the storm,
    a basket of my garden’s baby blooms,
    a splash of unexpected color rain,
    a whoosh of wings when hold of winter wanes

    (I think we have a thing going here!!!)


  4. I would like to share the Very Inspiring Blogger Award with you. If you accept, please find the award here. Your blog is truly inspiring and uplifting. Thank you for making my days and those of others a brighter place!


  5. silver thoughts
    words caught
    whispers heard
    be assured
    words flow like honey
    sparkly and sunny!

    I like your style..’a true silver tongur poet
    I am glad you stopped by my blog so I could find yours…
    Thank You …
    Take care…..
    You Matter…..


  6. Thanks for stopping by at my blog. 🙂 You seak so passionatley and animated. Can’t wait to read more of your poetry.


  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my words enough to follow me.

    Poetry: Words melted or crushed together
    to heal a wound
    or broken heart
    evoke a laugh
    or smile

    Poetry: So much more
    than simply words.



  8. Hi Silver Poet
    Thanks for liking my post.

    I like your poem about the sky god. I saw the moon hanging low last night too, you reminded me of the fingernail story.
    And I love your paintings!


      1. I guess I just made another assumption, my favourite thing to do.
        I saw the line about the the sky god the toenails and the clippers, and thought you were speaking of this story; there is a story that the cresent moon is god’s fingernail.
        That was quite a lot of assumptions actually…
        I really do like your paintings!


  9. This is a gorgeous, gorgeous blog–bravo! And I first looked at the I AM site, which thoroughly stirred my heart, even more than poetry. I am beyond grateful and thrilled whenever I see someone investing in our children’s positive sense of self–what we plant in, and gift to kids, directly and profoundly impacts the future of the world. God bless you today, and always.


  10. ”When in public poetry should take off its clothes and wave to the nearest person in sight; it should be seen in the company of thieves and lovers rather than that of journalists and publishers.”
    Brian Patten (b. 1946), British poet. “Prosepoem Towards a Definition of Itself.”


      1. It shouldn’t be comfortable. Unrefined honesty that is found in one’s very soul is uncomfortable to the external world. From the soul comes poetry!


  11. Hello! Welcome to the diabeticredemption.com family. I’m glad you’ve joined us. If you’d like, please find my Friends page, and tell me and my readers a little about yourself and your blog, (with URL, please, so they can find you.) Again, welcome!


  12. Hello! Welcome to the diabeticredemption.com family. I’m glad you’ve joined us. If you’d like, please find my Friends page, and tell me and my readers a little about yourself and your blog, (with URL, please, so they can find you.) Yesterday’s poem was my second ever, so please be prepared to read some iffy poetry. 😎 Again, welcome!


  13. Arna, thank you so much for liking and following my poetry blog. What a gift to be led back here to discover your enlightened words and your STUNNING artwork! And thank you very kindly for the gorgeous cupcake-poem!


      1. And you have made mine! Seeing your art and reading “The Universe Is Music” feels like a kind of salvation. Thank you for the beautiful blessings you share with the world.


  14. Hi, I’m so glad that you called by my blog today, it has brought me to yours and it is amazing. I need more time in my day to get through it all, I can picture my childhood as I read ‘I Taste Everything’, didn’t we all taste dog food?? Thanks for liking my latest post and to get your ‘follow’, well thats awesome. 🙂


  15. Recently, I was honored with 3 Awards given to me by fellow blogger Wendall A. Brown (foreverpoetic.wordpress.com). It meant so much to me. One of the criteria for accepting the award is to nominate several other bloggers. I wanted to nominate you because your blogs (each and every one of them) has been a wonderful inspiration and joy to me. If you’d like to accept, you can go over to the post at http://serendipityplus.wordpress.com/2012/04/25/beautiful-blogger-very-inspiring-blogger-sunshine-award/ and get the low down on how. Absolutely no pressure. Just know that I think your blog is awesome and worth telling everyone about. Thanks for sharing your life with us. 😀


    1. you are wonderful! I always feel short of time to answer the questions and follow the instructions of the awards…as much as i LOVE that I am nominated….my inclination is to write poetry or read the blogs win it comes to the other stuff my energy gets a bit distracted.. but having said that i will go over and smother your blog with kisses X


  16. YES!
    A ‘like’ from the silver poet. Here’s my shell…
    there are words that well from the heart
    there are things that we wish to say from the start
    there is music that plays in the hall of our mind
    they play for some of us
    all the time…


  17. Thank you, Silver Poet, for choosing to follow my blog. I so appreciate it! And love your ‘Silver Thought’ and the painting accompanying it…certainly seduces me to explore more that you offer here…I will be back! Diane


    1. poetry is YES in a field of blooming no’s
      poetry is clover on my dirty, earthly soles
      it sweeps my tender mouth, delivers me of sin
      revealing secret letters from somewhere, deep within…..


  18. Your poetry brings tears to my eyes
    and raises my skin in tingling gooseflesh
    as I feel your perfectly poised imagery.
    Absolutely Beautiful. You are.


  19. I am so happy you stopped by, thrilled with the “like”, but even more pleased that I now have a place to go to see such witty and charming and evocative poetry as yours! I LOVE Wrong…smiled through the whole thing. I can’t wait to spend some time here. Wonderful!


  20. Thank God that everything that glitters doesn’t turn to gold or we all might end up in the shoes of King Midas … If Silence is Golden I’d rather speak forever 🙂 Peace


  21. I am (secretly and maddeningly) in love with your poetry, therefore you. Such feeling as it evokes; hard to contain. It thrills me that you visit me and choose to like the words I put to paper. Thank you from one romantic to another…even when romance is not the content, it is always the motivation.


    1. i allays like the thought of an award but never get around to actually following through on them…maybe i should put a little sign up, i am relatively new at this BUT having said that I absolutely appreciate the sentiment and thank you form the bottom of my heart x


      1. You are very welcome. Accepting is always a personal choice, and sometimes a bit time consuming, but wanted you to know how much I love your work!


  22. You really are such a good writer.
    I hope your rivers are never wider
    than your reach, your quest for a beach, a divide
    where memories are kissed by gentle blue tides.


  23. Hello dear Arna, I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Even though I am new to this blogging community, I am enjoying it and the honest sharing it provides. I find your blog to be very inspiring and have included you here in my list to help others find you as well. I know we don’t do this to win awards but if you would like to participate and choose to accept the Award please click here to see the details, or just for more info: http://professionsforpeace.com/2012/05/11/awards-can-help-spread-love/
    Warmest Regards, Gina


  24. I am grateful to Gina for introducing your blog to me. I posted on my Facebook page a link to today’s thoughts on poetry. You have captured so well the essence of why I love poetic sharing. What a wordsmith you are! Thank you, Arna.


  25. The non-poet appreciates the poet
    as I appreciate you . . .

    Gratitude for your visit and that you found something in the barrel to like.

    Please visit again, and offer your critiques.



  26. Hi SP…..thx for coming by……I too write poetry…in fits and starts…depending on the universal muse…..occupied writing a thriller right now…….not much time for blogging.


  27. Poetry is art and
    Art is poetry.
    I think a word, a symbol
    A language that sets the soul free.

    Your words,
    Frame the essence of this art
    Poet poised with the paintbrush pen would start
    Start to express, paint, create
    Emotions, thoughts and ideas
    The painting itself lives
    And speaks!

    Sometimes the poet is painted by the poem
    And taught that life is more
    More than existing
    More than breathing
    But experiencing
    God loving us
    Through creation.



      1. and declares freedom as it manifests
        and lays bare the inheritance of the human age
        all forming
        all connecting
        all embracing
        all realising
        and celebrating
        a plane of freedom it be
        whether paint, whether dance, or words taking a chance
        it’s all poetry
        intrinsic beauty.


      2. lol, that’s one for the books. I’ll put it in my archive and put our names as the authors.


  28. This is beautiful and I have reposted it to take the most recent spot on http://johndwmacdonald.com I repost rather than reblog to avoid losing the structure. Hope this is oK and let me know if it is not as I do respect the wishes of those I repost clearly. Lovely observations – Power to the Poets!


  29. Silver is my favourite colour! I very much like the name you chose for yourself. Silver is mystical, feminine, speaks of moonlight, undemanding, hints at Christmas, is slowly adorning my hair, is restful and yet speaks of something beyond…


  30. Hello The Silver Poet,

    You write great poetry up here. Keep it up, my friend! Thank you for following my blog. I hope your visits in my blog have been and will always be a joyful ride.

    Thank you again and have a lovely weekend! 🙂
    Subhan Zein


  31. Much of who we are flows from our fingers; sharp, strident, soft, soothing, according to whimsy, whimper, or wail. Whether in art or verse, we emerge to share a tiny aspect of ourselves so that others might come to understand at least that one speck of us.

    You do very well, my friend. Always allow yourself to flow. The river of your thoughts makes for a lovely ride.


  32. Like a soft breeze on a warm day may your poetry bring a wisp of freshness and comfort to those who read it as it did for me this day.
    As a writer of novels I can only hope that my words might bring such a breeze and kiss into the lives of those who read them.


  33. Thank you for liking my post. I appreciate your attention to my blog. I am looking over yours now and will let you know what I think. Have a great day!!


  34. Ama, sister in word play, I like this space! I too will be 41 this year, but am letting the silver come through now and I like it! The universe is ripe for the truth of who we really are, as you know, and grey hairs (though frowned on) are beautiful, every one a thread of wisdom. x


  35. I’m looking for a way to send across a poetry which I have written about this blog’s home-page art. Its the least I could contribute. Let me know if I should paste it here or send it somewhere so you can read it first! PS: not aware of any other details apart from here!!


  36. I like the sensual quality of both your poetry and art. But I also want to nominate you for the Beautiful Blogger Award. If you check out the latest post on russell5087 you will see the picture saying “Beautiful Blogger”. The idea here (and I hope it isn’t some stupid scam of some sort), is to pass along the nomination to seven bloggers you like. You post your nominations, thanking the blogger who nominated you by giving their link, and then listing your nominations, then you contact those bloggers (just like I am doing now), and tell them you have nominated them. And tell them how to pass this thing along, as I am doing. (In fact, you might want to just copy what I have written and pass it along to save time.) You also need to copy the ‘logo’ or picture of Beautiful Blogger on your post, like I did. I guess the idea is to make more people aware of your blog and the blogs that you like, and hopefully generate more traffic and more likes. We all like knowing we are being read, right? So, do whatever…I don’t know if anybody ever actually wins this thing or what that means or where this thing began. But so long as nobody asks for money I am fine with it. I like acknowledging blogs I like and I like yours. You have an understated elegance to your work. I tend to be all over the place, while you are focused. I can learn from you.


  37. sorry for the late reply… here is the poetry which I had written…It’s dedicated to your Home Page Art… ( this is my interpretation, though it must have a different meaning to you) Hope you like it!!

    In purple hue,
    and a contrasting blue,
    I notice something new.

    Is it a woman,
    Is it a man,
    or is it a random plan?

    It captures my curiosity,
    I can’t figure out properly,
    It leaves me in obscurity.

    Is this abstract,
    or is it plain fact,
    depicted just to attract?

    These curvacious designs,
    and intersecting lines,
    along the canvas enshrine.

    It leaves me confused,
    and somewhat bemused,
    and yet, amazingly keeps me enthused.

    –christopher maelzer


    1. Woweee!
      I love your confused enthusiasm!
      she’s a woman, unearthing her power
      finding her identity, is it in the clouds or within her own heart, a bit of both maybe!
      poem maker
      i appreciate YOU


      1. thank you. happy to know u liked it… I like this statement “confused enthusiasm” because that was my state of mind when I wrote it.


      2. I wish I was a painter so that I could paint all the beautiful dreams I see, on canvas!! but it is never too late to explore anything!! so maybe someday I might just land my hand with the Brush and Palette… oh I so love those french hats with that wiggly Mustache appearance! takes me to those cartoon classics.


  38. Feminine strength
    dances in and out
    in and out
    in and out
    of the shadows
    I like her best
    when she dances
    to the unsung tune
    playing in her head
    sharing with the rest of us
    her song

    write on tiny dancer
    the world awaits your encore


  39. there’s a reclining woman in the picture atop your blog. I just saw her. I thought this was a Monet like piece. How delighted I am to find her. Thanks for sharing.



      1. glad you did , you know , I don’t think anyone has mentioned her ever! she’s amazing if I do say so myself and in full scale it blows me away that I ever could create such a thing…. not the most humble of comments reading back on that 🙂


      2. love the women in blue. Wish I was a buyer, but I am sending my youngest to art school in the US. Prints are what she seems to love.

        Your work just seems “right”


      3. wow thankyou so much for your compliments, they rest well in this body ! ahh a little printmaker! you don’t need to buy my art just admiring is a thrill for me.
        it does remind me that I could offer prints for sale at some stage… I just never seem to get around to it. the blue one…if it is the big blue one it is the only one I have framed and it does look pretty awesome stretched and hanging. I think its the scale that gets me excited.


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