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no exhale

when the dark balloon

when the dark balloon

the dark balloon

presses its rubbery skin on my inner being

when it takes out a chunk of rib to fit

i become a prisoner

a minion

a servant to its inflation

dark balloon puffs itself with spiritual secrets

faith is the favourite


have faith

test of faith

be faithful

find faith

lose faith

and we cry

dark balloon rolls its huge arse getting comfortable on my heart

a little to the left

it laughs a dark laugh careful not to let it’s bad breath out

no exhale for the confused

tender hooking into giblets

malevolent benevolent carrot of faith……

we scream ‘why!’ for a reason

because we have been dumfounded, with carrots sticking out of every orifice

plugging the holes it pokes in dark balloon


if we are screaming why it means we don’t fucking understand

this life thing could be so simple

born breathe connect play create  die (or so they say)

until they bleed out a deeper meaning

a further purpose

until they reveal the unseen producer in pointy orange shoes

faith is only necessary if you think something is wrong

impossible to trust in that which causes pain


you have been taught that pain has a purpose….

that you will die without it


to teach purposeful pain is not an easy task

it takes deliberation and carefully constructed method


oh pain i bow to thee, you cleanse me, you make me fit to stand before the great carrot

you break me you leave me pale and dry

you make my eyes sink

a quicksand of disillusion

i let you peel me

weaken me

lay me out

gnarl me

wither me

you switch off my light and plug a bulb in my carrot hole

i have been fashioned

i am a little statue now

with my palms upward in supplication

for you to paint with a tiny brush

and place me tenderly with the others

to light an empty sanctuary


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Love Smiles

I already knew
How this blossom would unfold
A perfumed meeting
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the vow

united by gold

bound to her distant fingers

bored until broken



more art?

sun touched

his syrup was sweet

heating her tongue like sunshine

wishes in her throat


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love seed


you planted a seed

branches heavy with blossom

this cup is too full




see more art?


sit and listen

toes just touching

coloured light falling

across your little knees

now on the ground

little knees…..








eyes closed


day by day

word by word

you are tied to Him

you are cloaked in His magic

bored until broken

left hand heavy

right hand floating free

they feed you concepts

and His body

they spoon you visions

and His blood

they marry you to martyrdom

tugging away at your thickening thread of misunderstanding

until small and wishing

you take over the litany

and begin to seek burning fingers of your own

desperate to bleed

for Him

charred scars

winding tighter

soft skin stinging

you yearn for the searing pleasures of sacrifice

you are chastised


held under water

you are braced against marble

shoulders crushed by shuffling women hidden in dark tents

they thrust you forward into hot boxes that stink of wood and cock

faceless men reel sins from your lips

securing you

touching places in you that long for an upturned mouth

a nod from the God head

my father

because of this love my father didn’t look at me

my father wouldn’t touch me

but Father Tom could….

father tom

the inflictors

kiss you

the inflictors

offer you

the inflictors

pray for you

confuse you

want you

suppress you

compress you

a glowing sinker

a heavy hot fuck




in your body

forcing through the narrow channels of your humanity

desperate for release from His invisible grip…..



holding on to the end of the line with my sweet ripping mouth

screaming his name

gasping on the hook

just in case

just in case

just in case






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I am reaching from my tips

like the invisible music grass makes

stretching the corners of wanton cells

tugging sinews and neural strands

gregorian tones pound me

love is making writhing sounds


from the lagoon of my eyes

I will be delivered

the motion of what I cannot see is intriguing

I am tumbling sick

but desperate for more


I fall in love with my own firing sensations

impulse leads me




the electricity courses

singing off

soaring into etheric orchestra

breaching known limits

flighting over distant reaches

craggy mountains

sublime blue

and the pitch of brightest yellow

my body shakes

resisting itself

colliding with spirit

wrenching free onto the sparking edges of uncertainty


into new worlds



lush arms