Kundalini Art


Integrating Body, Mind and Spirit

A Journey of Visual Healing

By Arna Baartz

 Kundalini is not just sex but an expanded perception of yourself as all that is. The acceptance of one’s Kundalini is in fact surrendering to the complete integration of body and spirit. This is enlightenment. Surrendering to the Kundalini enhances all senses.

There is no doubt in my heart and mind that we are vibrational beings and that as such we can heal through participating in any act that triggers an emotional shift.

Colour is an extraordinarily powerful medium for personal development and emotional/physical healing. For me the deepest healings I have had have been through a visual sense.

As an artist and a deep seeker I have felt shifts and changes in my perception of the world and often in my psychological state through simply painting a picture.

I guess as I paint I am contemplating my emotions. I am observing my feelings around a particular situation in my life and as I do so the feelings are expressed in colour and form. Not only does this aid in processing the situation for me, it provides the energy for others to view and trigger their own healing.


I have recently completed a series of works that centre on the theme of Kundalini Awakening. It has taken me years to build my sense of worth as a woman in this world, painting, tantric yoga and writing have been some of the ways I have awakened the energy of woman and life in me.

As I have engaged more with the present moment and consciously integrated, body, mind and spirit through visualization and art mostly, I have noticed powerful shifts in the way I perceive and interact with my world, including improvements in my relationships and business successes.

It is a holistic approach really, becoming self-aware enough to act on prompts, if I see a notice for Tantra workshops, then read in a book about the power of Tantric energy then someone I meet mentions Tantra, I KNOW it is time for me to explore the subject. Becoming aware enough to notice these prompts and then taking action has moved and evolved me in so many ways.

My life has become so much more fulfilling as I have embraced my self completely. The value I place on myself becomes the value I receive from my external world.

It is worth it to love yourself, do the yoga, sing the songs, paint the pictures and dance to your music.

This world needs people who insist on being their best most beautiful, integrated selves.


To find out more about Arna Baartz and to see her Kundalini Art please go HERE!

16 thoughts on “Kundalini Art

  1. This is so beautifully written and wise. This has been my experience for the past few years. And every year, the process gets deeper and the sensations more intense.

    I’m still using art and music as my medium for spiritual and mystical development. There’s an energy within certain melodies that guides me deeper into myself and produces ecstatic moments. I’m also using photo sharing on Tumblr to open my mind and improve my understanding of people and life.

    There’s so much information entering me now. Sometimes, it’s overwhelming. But I love it. 😀

    Anyway, as always I loved reading your thoughtful words. Thanks!


    1. I think it is a never ending journey isn’t it!
      So fascinating and amazing and sometimes scary.
      YES and information I am sure that I know things I shouldn’t or never studied if you know what I mean…
      haha its a strange old thing this life.
      Thanks for writing here V, it is great to hear from you Lots and Lots of love Arna x


  2. Bravo, sister! As an artist who is K active and who awoke to the balance of the two forces inside of me, as I look out onto the world I see just how much we need an explosion of women no longer afraid to just let it flow! Let it flow and flow! All of it! The Spring is here and your tender buds are just bursting and the universe is waiting with baited breath, on the edge of its seat, trembling, ready. It takes such courage sometimes to let the most cherished things within out of us and be out there for others to see. But amazing things can happen when we just let go and allow the universe to BRING IT with such ease….I can think of no other thing besides listening to music and inner grace that dissolves blocks better than working on something creative! Wowza! I love your playful, curly and watery work…..a touch of Chagal’s spirit, but wrapped entirely in your own, too. It is so nice to be able to see contemporary work by someone who has been there, is there, there, everywhere. Jean Cocteau once said “Art is not a pastime but a priesthood” and for me this is so….except now I would add “priestesshood” to that quote!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. wowee and so true
      all you are saying resonates with me to a great degree.
      the art really helps me loosen to the energy and release the movement that I guess it is creating inside my body mind and spirit
      a physical manifestation of an unseen force
      thankyou so much for commenting it eases my heart to feel their are others experiencing this wonderful scary making awesomeness too.
      love Arna

      Liked by 1 person

    1. :-). not alone… if there is one thing I have learned throughout this Kundalini integration is that we are never alone there is a universe of music that IS us waiting to be absorbed…


      1. oh wow, thanks for checking it out 🙂 I also love Schiele’s
        work, love the courage I see in it I wish I was so courageous in my own art. Always learning, growing evolving 🙂


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