just three words

come the sun

like an egg

star fire yellow

over my face

fool I am

still I surrender

to you sun

i am you

electric gold smile

encircling my chest

bending my mind

you rake me

your precious tines

your golden light

drowning and expanding

spiralling my chakras

turning me over

over and over

a thousand years

making me sapphire

lighting me up

my inner pyramid

you shiny motherfucker

just three words

just the mere

……thought of you…….

a never-kiss

kisses hot imaginaire

to separate from not-thin air

to turn from him, never known

to find the sun and call it home

to extricate from ties that bind

to slip from not-arms in the mind

how to kill a form not real

a ghost a spirit a thought a feel

a dancing sprite tugs me through

veils of misty never-true

a world of made up make believe

a heaven blue with no reprieve

not-lover why are you still here?

how can i make you disappear?

a brain that works except with this

you cannot wipe clean a never-kiss


More of Arna? www.arnabaartz.com.au

my mask

 the best hiding place I ever found during hide and seek was when I was 10yrs old and hid by sitting at the kitchen table in broad view, no one found me

i spill out from behind every mask i try to wear
it’s pointless …

i always see me


i hide inside my nudity

i hide behind my noise

exposed and vulnerable

because i am alive


photography by Justin Ealand

To see more art and stuff go to my website, currently a work in progress itself!





i smell the

hot shadows

they linger

like sticky sweet





musky pieces

that come alive

to be collected in a perfect picture

eaten later



with river



melting and



on knifes edge

weaving sharply


through my senses

figures who live

in me

who stretch and twine

through me










  Spawning in Lava River   ~    more art at www.artofkundalini.com


what is love…….?

the breath

the feeling

the thought

the wish

the view

the memory

the thought

the feeling

the touch

the want

the eyes

the loss

the wish

the feeling

the smell

the thought

the touch

the wish

the view

the wish

the wish

the wish?

in these particles of truth

I resound



a crashing wave

only one moment

and a dent in the sand


www.artofkundalini.com for more art

I see you my king

i see you

i am an ambient channel for

your song

sung true

into the early dawn

of the very first moon

i wished you

my king

tangled falling tumbling free

marrying the waves

in my salty sea

you are my sunshine king



i feel you now

entering your domain

into my heat


my drawbridge chain


art?? www.artofkundalini.com 

red feather flowers

you broke something
I crawl
in the ceiling
over here under there
in the dark night
under the new moon
this church is in disrepair
there is dust on my fingers
and in my hair
my heart
it must be here
I slide across
the silver line
along the dark wood walls
a small box
full of unfair
two red birds flying
this church is in disrepair
there is dust on my fingers
and in my hair
my heart
it must be here
I wander this house
dropping feathers like flowers
i smell honeysuckle
better than fear
I want you
Trying to make you hear
Through my dreaming
every day every day
every where
this church is in disrepair
there is dust on my fingers
and in my hair
my heart
it must be here
I’m crazy for you
I look for your eyes
It is me seeking death
my scorpion

your poison so clear

I need that piece you put in the ceiling
don’t see how but
you took it from here
this church is in disrepair
there is dust on my fingers
and in my hair
my heart
it must be here

c’est tout lumiere

i see it in the cracks of your sideways smile

it travels backward towards me even as you turn away

it seeks me like a moth

i see it in your shoulders, tightly held

yet crookedly, secretly reaching through the crowd for me

aligned you are your eyes

a lake of stars

an eerie, erotic mirror

i see you like a fox trying to hide from the moon

ma lumière

mon coeur est allume parce que tu existes

no more no less

c’est tout lumière


to see more of my stuff please go to http://www.artofkundalini.com

i am his fish

he is dreaming


i am feeling


he turns inside me

his tail waves through me

i am full of fish

he swims my channels

erasing me

drawing circles

fanning light

his dream becomes me

i am his fish


more art ? www.artofkundalini.com 

The Land of Milk and Honey

oozing a nectar of trembling epiphany

sentry is sleeping whilst guarding pentuppery

secretly dreaming trespassing all over thee

working around the sacred inside of me

needing and wanting are twining a fantasy

always unspent in mortal absurdity


truth like a wave or a kiss from the other me

calls to the knowing waiting so patiently

climbing the ladder of tenuous certainty

thank you I say to the sleepy eyed sentry

i smile and step out of that tedious entropy

wild are my eyes in a rainbow of heavenly


is my youth

and honey infinity….


more art? please visit www.artofkundalini.com 


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