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Poem~ one dreamy line & Paris Update

Before Poetry ~ Dear Friends , a quick update on GoFundMe campaign to get to Paris (from Australia) to study we are almost half way there!!! if you can see fit to join my adventure and help a little it would be appreciated and rewarded GREATLY! thanks in advance and thanks to all those who have already been MORE than generous x see rewards list here : http://www.gofundme.com/parisresidency

One Dreamy Line


lines fading

a corporation of interactive breath

an agreement of experiential antagonism

form no form

my toes are singing anomalies

blue tunes,

a devil’s orange

segmented, clean

so inside out I dive

feathery tips playing elevated vibration

oh my merry mandolin

interlocking slips of light

the length of me is braided loosely if i allow…..

then a splinter of thought can become lost amongst interweaving illusions

and pain a sensual delight of delicious opportunity

always curling inward

again again a fibonacci opera

you can find me in the bridging strands

I am only a bead

of colour

a kiss

a blink

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wind is breathing shadows

reflecting opposition to outside pushing

my eyes are still and rest upon this vision

my heart signals birds

pulsing forward

I am puppeteering trees

and laughter is

a swelling dance

exhalation turns the page

and here we begin,

with feather





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Unlocked Rivers

My response to Rilke’s Duino Elegies. This is number Seven.

over dirty feathers

sand pieces and falling sun

o crystal creature

this droplet of flesh

his humbled form

talk is small

small talk

tiny talk

lording over billowed heart



expansive breaking

tidal pushing

midnight reaping

clouds kissing



balloon in my chest


pressing pointed thought

monsters begging

falling from silver like unlocked rivers


universes rolling

stoked by hot song

slack lips

releasing angels

creating to applause and comfortable laughter

swinging monkeys

becoming water


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The Drift of Eternity

a response to Rainer Maria Rilke’s Duino Elegies  below is the  first of ten poems.

There is tugging at my ribbons

a wild, teasing acapella

oh this noise is rich…

rich enough to decorate my hollows

to drop me to my knees

whilst midnight space rushes

like swift tide

expanding the universe

cracking my chest

a kaleidoscopic orchestra of YES

Yet the whisper is gold that God’s music is a floating note

and it is just I, this phosphorescent speck who has been dappled with fluted purple explosion…

I have been crowned with questions

and led to these stone steps

to press my burning ear against a mossy wall….

eternity compressed

listening for angels

braving the storm

Kiss This Smile





this laughter

my bark

my leaves

brushing touching


this smile alights

svelte angel

wings of allure

eternal now

kiss it with your favourite colour,

prolong this


it is yours



An allegro of angel breath

at midnight,

a tall door in Morocco


h i s eyes and dragonflies….

The mosque of Istanbul,

silently moving glaciers

in another world.

And the ribbon

that folds

in stretches of silken tongue

from spirit mouth

to land,

an elegant progression….

a cantata of promise….

a jelly bean of surprise!




Your Guts and Your Glitter


I love you


you green hide sea monsters!

deep diving, angel swimmers!

swift, shallow

water bug skimmers!

my adoration!

my  kisses are….

a smacking hallelujah!

You write or draw

with passion,

nerve deep

your feet are hurting

wanting to kick!

i see screaming and sighs

scrabbling to touch,

sometimes I throw down the page in disgust!

but i love you so much from the blood inside me

you magical beings, you sharp, angry beasts

alive and or dead you

are birthing your self


my conscious despair

in a world made of hell.

oh thank you for sharing

the bits I don’t say

your guts

and your glitter

fatten my day.