red feather flowers

fixer you broke something I crawl in the ceiling over here under there in the dark night under the new moon this church is in disrepair there is dust on my fingers and in my hair my heart it must be here somewhere… I slide across the silver line along the dark wood walls aContinue reading “red feather flowers”

c’est tout lumiere

i see it in the cracks of your sideways smile it travels backward towards me even as you turn away it seeks me like a moth i see it in your shoulders, tightly held yet crookedly, secretly reaching through the crowd for me aligned you are your eyes a lake of stars an eerie, eroticContinue reading “c’est tout lumiere”

The Land of Milk and Honey

oozing a nectar of trembling epiphany sentry is sleeping whilst guarding pentuppery secretly dreaming trespassing all over thee working around the sacred inside of me needing and wanting are twining a fantasy always unspent in mortal absurdity but truth like a wave or a kiss from the other me calls to the knowing waiting so patientlyContinue reading “The Land of Milk and Honey”

Silver Poetry

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

Unfettered BS

it is all just bullshit anyway.....


Your Brain is a Radio that Does What its Told

Post Scriptum Poets

Haikus Senryus and Tankas about anything and everything

InkBlots and IceBergs

musings on life | bits of psychology | attempts at poetry

This and That

In other countries individuals go to jail and/or die for weblogging. While the bulk of this country makes the internet an extention of T.V.


Scripting the desires that are soul deep

Finely Spun


Ingenuity speaks

"where creativity roams free"

Africa Zwelibanzi

The Poetry Monarch.

Jeffrey Pillow

Life, death, and everything in between

Texas Outlaw Poet


Purple Haze

Darkness, delusion, smeared with a stick of butter and laughter. Words collide, they bring forth death!

The Lonely Author

Pain goes in, love comes out.

The Realm

well, come on in. bite. chew. spit.