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Some Mute Beast

My response to Rilke’s Duino Elegies number 8

Reaching again, stalking this thirst

for who I am, we are

splitting in parts,

raw light leaking

but blind and believing in





public slaying

guarded by pulsing spectre

keen eye follows


by bee or ant

marching chaotic to unseen nothing

but not because it isn’t there

to nowhere

but not because it isn’t there

only hidden in syrup and crusty flesh

…. nectar lies puddled on the shore, caged in hopeless thought

but the tapping and seeking

silently thrusting


tumbling beasts

spiralling downward

wooly rainbows

skein unwinding

through wells of damp





Your Famous Skin

The Eucalyptic matrix penetrates

drawing forth with curling vapour

a landscape

a kaleidoscope,

my gaze is locked and I am a rocket.

Heaven palms my heart

this angelic celebrity of colour,

paved in golden birthing and now,

this skin, that folds and cups our soles

adorned with tiny birds and diamonds.

My mouth widens and I fall back into stars

swallowing eternity

sweeping in all that is

and clothing me



famous skin


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Counting Bee’s


Clover is my blanket, my green velvet picnic….

cool on my body,

the sun is high,

the lighting lush on this infinite musical….

this supreme merging….

I AM all that is, spinning through the colour wheel!


is my waterfall,

my rainbow,

my abstract, figurative, contemporary, enthused with optimism!

Bee’s are multiplying,

my glass is full.



The Pink House

Pink Bees stare

as hungry jealous queen pulls my hair

My pink house

up to waist in water

sliding on sand

Old man sits on wooden chair and squeezes little, pink hand

Pink sea house under disappearing steps

curving like questions or smoke

Girl house leans in pink water under thick grey, melodic sky

empty sea shell waits for next wave to bring pink friend

pink friends and bees fill empty sea shells whilst girl houses lean and spill on moving sand and jealous water