breakfast friend

she ate pastry from my fingertips watching me wanting like a small man pacing pecking tasting the air my lips tilted upward and light like a feather-feeling sunshine shifted across her glossy back warming my chest deep into the hollow there I could have caught her shadow with my sugared hands but I thought itContinue reading “breakfast friend”

and this one…i call beautiful

when an unexpected experience leads you to unravelling your mind in such a way that you can’t really stay the same…   flawless blue eyes squeezed light at her pools of magnitude direct and clear   the radiant ocean gaze came to rest   a kindness bird baring a heart of gold sipping from her hotContinue reading “and this one…i call beautiful”

Sand and Feathers

Feet and art make I (n) den tati on the earth the heart is large and deep thinking the hull, buoyant and safe the smile sometimes steel sometimes butter squeezes  in between words like itatoron do flying fish have feathers ? Owls tell me father’s secret his love is not hollow noise but like airContinue reading “Sand and Feathers”

Sticky Beak

Sticky little, baby beak wee, yellow, peeky beak  . . Orange curiosity, . hot blade ferocity. . . Little beak tried to speak, only firey plumes.  . Billow forth a punch of smoke grey, thick nearly choke . . dirty, sooty, ashy toes charred, tired, naughty nose. . . Stickybeak took a peek something sleepingContinue reading “Sticky Beak”

Backyard In The Morning When Thinking About My Mum

  Blue dog has brown eyes Love is a fact.   Sneaky birds stand tall.   Blue dog sniffs the tree, scratches with her paw, then stretching she turns her attention to froth at the bottom of my cup.   SIGH   Clothes relax on the line   broken gun   just colour now and fluorescent lizardContinue reading “Backyard In The Morning When Thinking About My Mum”

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In other countries individuals go to jail and/or die for weblogging. While the bulk of this country makes the internet an extention of T.V.


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