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Your Famous Skin

The Eucalyptic matrix penetrates

drawing forth with curling vapour

a landscape

a kaleidoscope,

my gaze is locked and I am a rocket.

Heaven palms my heart

this angelic celebrity of colour,

paved in golden birthing and now,

this skin, that folds and cups our soles

adorned with tiny birds and diamonds.

My mouth widens and I fall back into stars

swallowing eternity

sweeping in all that is

and clothing me



famous skin


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Towers of Ecstasy

my response to Rainer Maria Rilke’s Duino Elegies  , below is the fifth of ten poems.

This body

rising fleshly


bursting flowers forth

the hue of singular purpose

though unknown

peeking blue by blue

over brickwork

through little windows

purple red and gold

the light brings peace


stepping on trembling steps

controlled by rusty beat

copied in astrological brainstorm

a supernova idea

easily lost in this puddle

easily sweetly


though at the core

the foundation

smoother and heavier than stone


I Serenade You


a response to Rainer Maria Rilke’s Duino Elegies  below is the  second of ten poems.

Noble words revolve

like wisps passing through my stars

touching grace.

A temporary, fractious glory

flings my arms like backward wings

with feather tips,

spread in sweet torture.

Wandering tension throbs in this dark belly of thought,

the first birth or dismembering of consciousness,

buttering me with music

sugaring my experience

gifting me with choice

to see the autumn harmony

falling on invisible shoulders

and nuzzle in to hummus here.

OH luminosity and wrath,

what is my excuse for garnering golden borders

where only liquid song slides?


I Exuderous!


heart pump is bouncing



climbing the sky

flying the tree

giving forth

in the oneness

expelling the words

a cluster of peace

a treaty of pearls

plucked from





shining love-barnacles

traded for wine

the glass



unique crystal cut

the pouring is warm

the toes are

a flush

sweep me through


clean up the dangling

and free up me SHHHH OUT!