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Beautiful House, Beautiful Mind

Crisp, clean sheets, alive with wealth and comfort, flap and flicker.
Throughout the ages, my sheets have graced the lines of life, in the green garden of my house in the blossoming flourish of my mind.
My pencil flits across naked pages in the warmth of my sunlit study, in this large clean house in my beautiful open mind.
Dough rises under fresh muslin and the tea is brewing in my scented kitchen, filled with the magic that feeds me.
The pantry holds fort, with its spices and condiments, sparkling jars of jam and honey in my wonderful clean rambling house in my beautiful poignant mind.
My body slides against pure silk of dusky pink, little red robins and butterflies; the claw foot bath is running in my candle lit bathroom, like a bathhouse with its story telling tiles and green falling vines. The baby frogs watch and bath in the condensation on the window.
The aroma of love fills the steamy air, soft dark locks are caught behind my ears in a clasp of perfumed cedar.
This bathroom ,this fresh watering place invigorates and glows in my peaceful, soft lit mind.
The curtains at the windows flutter a welcome to friends and the wide rolling hills I see, are perfect for the golden familiars, human and otherwise.
Together we frolic and gambol amongst the wildflowers growing under our bare feet.
I am connected through the earth of a million years to the source of forever.
The sun is touching me, kissing me and cleansing the corners of my home, my world.
An ode to the sweet, fragrant mind.