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your gaze

what you see is what you are

what if it was true that to focus on pain meant you caused more of it …..


what if your gaze was the moon

and your heart the ocean

your feet like two brown bears

dusted and beautiful

rubbing through earth

scratching and tasting

swimming like mulch-snakes through the forest

earthbound but free


what if your yesterday was his tomorrow

and invisible starfish clung to the wise man’s back


we don’t know

but what if you shifted your perspective

from I

and instead for a moment to we

to love

what if you reached up

and felt the cells of the universe sliding down your arm

what if

what if

you existed for ever

and your gaze was the moon………



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A beautiful friend is translating my poetry for my upcoming book into French!

here is an example of her delicious, delicate and astute translation



Our bonds have become our own doing

no matter how tightly we are conditioned

how painful our restraints

how deeply we were wounded or by whom

in the end we sit alone

either free to be


holding our own hands behind our back

in an ironic gesture

of comfort


Nos chaines sont devenus produit de nos propres actions

peu importe la sévérité de notre conditionnement

la douleur de nos contraintes

la profondeur de nos blessures et qui les a infligé

au bout du compte nous nous tenons seuls

soit libre d’exister


nos mains derrière notre dos

dans un geste ironique

de réconfort



Swallow The sea


So now today

I awake and I KNOW

this ….universe….. is …..food!

I open my mouth and fill

like the little Chinese boy who swallowed the sea

I inhale this swirling chocolate

and marshmallow fishes school into rainbow wells

I imbibe this fizzy tang that crashes like waves

decorating inner cliffs with lines that match the evolving

artful universe

worn by time into fine ballet

I feel the citrus tang as it licks its invitation

inside the skin

and with a burst of excellence

the red sky morphs in a chilli glaze

my blood paints figures on caves

and like the little chinese boy I can only hold the ocean for so long

before my jaw drops

and I pretend to forget again