art the samurai a language born of soft nib trailing sticky rouge pressing up off the floor art answers to my wild driver cuts corners, sliding sideways unravelling this tiny golden soul from the ribbons of a patriarchal past. ovarian ribbons, wet, sliding ribbons, sweaty, perfumed ribbons ribbons wrapped tightly, stripping through my naked body likeContinue reading “Simpatico”

Imaginary Friends

spheres of skinlessness flickering orbs plumes of breath ruach pneuma clouds of fire a wild world of pareidolia  surfaces hands swimming with electricity piecing it together madness and there he lives the short man with angry brown hair bouncing off pain voices peeing in the toybox dead in the fridge we kill the unseen with our arrogant notContinue reading “Imaginary Friends”

Poem~ one dreamy line & Paris Update

Before Poetry ~ Dear Friends , a quick update on GoFundMe campaign to get to Paris (from Australia) to study we are almost half way there!!! if you can see fit to join my adventure and help a little it would be appreciated and rewarded GREATLY! thanks in advance and thanks to all those whoContinue reading “Poem~ one dreamy line & Paris Update”

l’eau, la terre

Please take a moment to visit a major poetic talent : Read Between The Minds ~  river gold eye to eye creating fish ripples my palms and heart spread like wet silk desert inspiration transformation everything l’eau, le terre ~ ThankYOU so much for reading, sharing or even donating to my creative venture. IContinue reading “l’eau, la terre”

Final Part – Death of A Poet ~ Mary Anne Baartz

A robot now, she tidies the house. The walls egg her on. Once everything is in order she is ready to obey the urgent commands of the whispering walls. She opens the oven door. Plumps up a soft cloth and lays down her head, turning the gas full on. As she closes her eyes sheContinue reading “Final Part – Death of A Poet ~ Mary Anne Baartz”

Now Here

My response to Rilke’s Duino Elegies curled in a little ball pretending will not save us from the torturous puling of splinters ‘I know NOTHING’ pretending, just in case, giving meaning to the pure page ……….a clever decoy to fein concern over things more permanent than ourselves! spreading our neck over that which is willingContinue reading “Now Here”

Silver Poetry

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

Unfettered BS

it is all just bullshit anyway.....


Your Brain is a Radio that Does What its Told

Post Scriptum Poets

Haikus Senryus and Tankas about anything and everything

InkBlots and IceBergs

musings on life | bits of psychology | attempts at poetry

This and That

In other countries individuals go to jail and/or die for weblogging. While the bulk of this country makes the internet an extention of T.V.


Scripting the desires that are soul deep

cosmos reflection

poetry that speaks to you

Africa Zwelibanzi

The Poetry Monarch.

Jeffrey Pillow

Life, death, and everything in between



Purple Haze

Darkness, delusion, smeared with a stick of butter and laughter. Words collide, they bring forth death!

The Lonely Author

Pain goes in, love comes out.

The Realm

well, come on in. bite. chew. spit.