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I wriggle surreptitiously

to discourage and squash


despite Buddhist ideals and deep Catholic guilt

it soon becomes apparent  

it’s not going to stop




just three words

come the sun

like an egg

star fire yellow

over my face

fool I am

still I surrender

to you sun

i am you

electric gold smile

encircling my chest

bending my mind

you rake me

your precious tines

your golden light

drowning and expanding

spiralling my chakras

turning me over

over and over

a thousand years

making me sapphire

lighting me up

my inner pyramid

you shiny motherfucker

just three words

just the mere

……thought of you…….

mini death



wishes are fishes

he touches me with his smile

every time i die


and still i survive

life’s excruciating want

my heart falls wider


on a cloud i am

my feet dangle in the sea

purveyor of all


i am a spider

my ribbon is curling wind

spinning the future


i sweep myself deep

i crush me into liquid

cupped in silken hope



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Art Opens Me


Please visit my art website, brimming with visual healing and the tumescent colours of love, driven by desire to plumb the depths, I do it for you


Flayed by sable

spread with pigment

creamed by colour

wanton inking

apple green

stripped to my core

gasping for more

I dip

I fly

on archival wings

gouache lips

snaking and bouncing






unbound by art

I am called


The Drift of Eternity

a response to Rainer Maria Rilke’s Duino Elegies  below is the  first of ten poems.

There is tugging at my ribbons

a wild, teasing acapella

oh this noise is rich…

rich enough to decorate my hollows

to drop me to my knees

whilst midnight space rushes

like swift tide

expanding the universe

cracking my chest

a kaleidoscopic orchestra of YES

Yet the whisper is gold that God’s music is a floating note

and it is just I, this phosphorescent speck who has been dappled with fluted purple explosion…

I have been crowned with questions

and led to these stone steps

to press my burning ear against a mossy wall….

eternity compressed

listening for angels

braving the storm

I Make You Move


I am silk on my

pretty bicycle

red wings and fearlessness

I am a brazen bee

flying heart first

and chanting

my fingers pass like spirit


teasing lips

a fay cast with cherry juice joy

I live in the mind of all things

I make you move.








bang my fists against the wall

bloody hands

moving through

butter and brains

blast that ragged hole

and flay my chest,

I hear it

sound of angel canons

boom the gong on my forlorn frenzy of flesh

crack the leopards spots and cause the  spreading of colour on water

thrust  that hip forward in shocking rhythm

burst out of the skin

adorned in dusted curtains of colour

fly your restless Phoenix

clipped no more

to join the starry starry night

The Paintbrush

The paintbrush sits on pale skin

and slides scarlet over kissing plain

it touches and presses

like time

and strokes the distance

between my fingers and my desire.

Eyelids close and a breath is taken…..


a small movement,

a perfumed step

The paintbrush leaves the skin

hair by hair

and patience tempers the dancing

in my chest

I am the night

and now,

my body is full of stars…….