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the asp was forced

into it’s devil role….

his shining body

pricking with intention

sliding through the folds of pathetic drama

to fulfil this desperate pantomime..

a reluctant

fictitious grief……love bite on her breast

and pharaohs shadow

a private dancer on the wall

tangled in hieroglyphic orders….

gold is swiped in sparkling distraction and crowns falter.


the dark, the dusk

comforts and fills our lungs

with night magic and secret calm…..

crickets peddle their wares

and frogs croak distantly

smells of swamp fertility

mark our hearts with gentle peace

the nile slides black and full

lapping inky rhythm.

Back inside the guards are shouting

wine has spilled

and the golden breast fades into blue

her ego departs

none the wiser

to the lapis castle in the sky