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Ivory Elephant (again)


If you let someone love you will they wander off?

will they

get lost

or side tracked,

like I did when I was three at the market?

a tiny ivory elephant was

my desire


the square of soap that smelt of sandalwood.

My loves, my treasure.

If I am someone’s

ivory elephant

will they leave me?

to fall through the cracks

in the back seat of a purple station wagon


and maybe they will remember me one day,

maybe they will remember me fondly.






Storyteller mirror silent giver of wishes true.

I am an elephant.

Oh how I love me this way,

my close up folding,

my sheets of warm skin,

the magnified texture

and pores of space.

Dust rises under lined feet,

planets rotating from bone to bone,

across arterial heart,

kicking up dreams.

These eyes are before,

hinting animal

and compassion.

I am lost in my own wet, gaze.

There is orange, I see, underneath

the roots of millennia,

embers of genesis,

still burning,

sparking movement,

action divine.

Yes I am,

so deeply all,

so deeply me,