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Burning Eyes

Note: My friend Lady Day has also completed a poem about ‘eyes’, check it out, your eyes will not disappoint! Feel free to add your own eye poem  and link in the comment section!


Burning Eyes

coal eyes

trample me sadly,


like her flesh,

they are raked and old


through red dirt dragged,

by demon soldier moments,

her lashes lower slowly,

like curtains


players unthinkable wait dryly,

for final call

and with my eyes of yearning fear,

I am stretching, sinuous,

past tearing, devil thorns,

striking at forgiveness


forced beyond endurance,

forced to truly stick back these eyes,

strip down to bare compassion



into her broken heart


I take the hit

willingly, for what it is worth,

branded and burning.

The Chameleon



In the Apple tree after lunch, he sat.

His eyes shimmered and I was a mermaid.

I am what you think I am he said to me.

I am the sea.

I am the shells that shine a maternal pearl.

I am the tears that taste the corner of your lips.

I am salt and air.

I am the dark, red dirt of Earth’s womb.

I am you.

Touch me, lick my surface, bite into me like the apple that I am.

He turned his face away as if to gather his thoughts or breathe.

Then looked into my eyes, storm intense, a shocking lake of liquid fire.

There is nothing between us…..he said and I began to cry.

Not a thing, he repeated, to separate our being .

He pulled me onto his branch then, in the Apple tree, will you sit with me?

The golden hairs on his body dancing in the sun.

And I did

like sugar,

on the tip of God’s tongue.