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Rouge épais

sticky city stepping

chamber by chamber

rouge épais

gloving white feet slowly

clinging to fabric

tales wagging

bouche à bouche

tongue power poison courses

gone are borders

man’s fear driven safety catches

sur comme une foudre


the ink warrior purges forward

riding the tree’s breath

sur tambours roulants

slick black

angelic puffs

in a

Cosmos de chair de graisse sucrée


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Somewhere Lions Roam

my response to Rainer Maria Rilke’s Duino Elegies  , below is the fourth of ten poems.


The decree so weak,

the care so false,

that glazed windows battered by sand, clatter and shade….

The dark dancing is set to fool and huddled children shake against peeling skin.

Glitter is medicine sold by winking monkeys.

The silver oil is for dreamers sinking in blossoms, eaten by ants

and bathing in fountains flanked by old wizards.

Just keep spinning and avoid the funeral tune, wedging planks to hold your heavy lids against the fluttering.

We exist here in dirty, self-imposed contradiction

whilst somewhere

over prickling grass

she strides

emboldened feet

absorbing truth


The Drift of Eternity

a response to Rainer Maria Rilke’s Duino Elegies  below is the  first of ten poems.

There is tugging at my ribbons

a wild, teasing acapella

oh this noise is rich…

rich enough to decorate my hollows

to drop me to my knees

whilst midnight space rushes

like swift tide

expanding the universe

cracking my chest

a kaleidoscopic orchestra of YES

Yet the whisper is gold that God’s music is a floating note

and it is just I, this phosphorescent speck who has been dappled with fluted purple explosion…

I have been crowned with questions

and led to these stone steps

to press my burning ear against a mossy wall….

eternity compressed

listening for angels

braving the storm

Snakes Teeth


I think fear,

as sharp as snakes teeth

black head weaving

I think sex,

thick twining thoughts

I think creation

desperate concepts

that one cannot resist

I think healing




in my dreams

under me

my darkness resolving




I choose not to resist.


up the middle

like stitches

a seam

it seems






a witch with a stitch

to rip the seams

with my screams

I love you

I know you

I fear the quantum world of reality creation

no not really true…. but if you say it you might make it true……


be careful!


words that are used to hold you

in a mind box

constructed from the scraps of someone elses fear



stitch by bloody stitch.

I can breathe under water

I can learn Japanese

I am love.

Who said that?