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the vow

united by gold

bound to her distant fingers

bored until broken



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Free the Beast


This strange stretching heart again!







and biting





flushed and high

boring its way through hot rivers

layed out like a woman

adorned with apples

flesh split and oozing

it’s toes make circles in

satin sand


swirls of colour


star bound….. birds

turn their heads

and push their feathered wing

pressing with shoulder bones

like babies knees

inside the womb.

One must free this pumping beast

or die trying.






one spark


wading through clouds

my balloon high on pity

this footprint is staining our

heavenly city

inside is out and outside is in

(that blast was so loud

it made sparks out of him!)

the lights

I can’t bear

as I cut through the sea

turning left at the sun

I melt into me




Fish On Her Mind

I hear singing

a bird has been released

droplets of freedom spin from her wings

she is ruffled and puffed

a little fisherman

longing to dive

embraced by ripples

with fish on her mind


breaKING OF tHE AgReemenTS

the cloud  I AM
suspends from The centre
of this Space
i am Salacious and Intrepid
Dare I strip back the confines of this,
might i Dissolve ? the mortar that sticks me here?
Nebulous horizons
offer Solace
though Uncertain
and there is a tough Stretching
A beginning Song
a tugging and puffing Of dense Flesh
A violet smiling Sin
in here
A Reaping of spirit
a harvesting Of elements
what portrays and Pantos a Tight Red
is but A leaking pink that laughs
and tightens its grasp
ha ha the Jester Decides
not I
And the Dancing Feet Tap
breaking the tainted strapping
spreading feathers Like wanton Rain
mum's picters 880


I’d Die For Peace – Max aged 16

What my 16 year old does when the internet is down SO PROUD!
Read it in RAP style….

I Would die for our world
I wouldnt die for ‘australia’
Would die for peace
I wouldn’t die for any ‘saviour’
Would die for a compassionate society
Would die for a world that’s violence free
Now That was a paradox …

Not having to worry about buying new locks
If the guy walking in the store has a glock
Not having to need an organisation like doc’s
Respecting our people even if they wear crocs
A society to respect life and nurture.
Is what i seek.
Not neglect strife and torture.
Is what I plea
I just want to escape all of this and flee
We’re old enough. We’re evolved enough, we’re bold enough, We havent even solved enough yet to even begin this rat race, so why do we feel like we’re at an ending pace like we’re all fat running in last place, we should be all in the same predators chase, ready to pounce on unity of life as humankinds first prize taste
Not to lose resources on coming an individuals first it seems a waste
Like these people have some sort of blood thirst
To hurt to work to serve to curve ignorance into tolerance you like to Change ignorance to
Relevance. It’s not relevant plain and simple
Like your small tiny mind with views developed from miss cheneys nipple
You’re the bigoted scum that deserve to be crippled
Not the innocent souls that deserve love triple
Your views need to be sent back to any period before water could ripple
You fear us, so you fill us with fear.
Its a campaign just open your ears
The media isn’t a wise seer
The end is near the end is near
they’ll make SURE  you buy more fear

Trusting Gravity


relying on grave thoughts to keep us grounded

is a fault

a bug

a burden

(read the fine print)

it was a blunder


(tie those laces)


a mis-read

a miss take

and now

glass bottomed


dig shapes

in the grass

and  the chi is HIGH (in my face)

too high,

filling the mind like

water in the bowl

the fish are


but awareness

is a potion

a lime tinged tonic

it soothes knotted veins

causing vision and cells

to soften

and swell

osmotic rebalancing occurs

my balloon floats free and I release my kite to the wind



Ever Spreading Feathers



my samson

my delilah


my eros

my aphrodite

i flew i flew

over shingle slate and thatch

ever spreading feathers

flexing on the wind

catching moonlight

and rainbow prisms

snaking trails of sun


the colour of warm flesh


the smell of bread


the taste of sea

manifesting me