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c’est tout lumiere

i see it in the cracks of your sideways smile

it travels backward towards me even as you turn away

it seeks me like a moth

i see it in your shoulders, tightly held

yet crookedly, secretly reaching through the crowd for me

aligned you are your eyes

a lake of stars

an eerie, erotic mirror

i see you like a fox trying to hide from the moon

ma lumière

mon coeur est allume parce que tu existes

no more no less

c’est tout lumière


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Rouge épais

sticky city stepping

chamber by chamber

rouge épais

gloving white feet slowly

clinging to fabric

tales wagging

bouche à bouche

tongue power poison courses

gone are borders

man’s fear driven safety catches

sur comme une foudre


the ink warrior purges forward

riding the tree’s breath

sur tambours roulants

slick black

angelic puffs

in a

Cosmos de chair de graisse sucrée


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A beautiful friend is translating my poetry for my upcoming book into French!

here is an example of her delicious, delicate and astute translation



Our bonds have become our own doing

no matter how tightly we are conditioned

how painful our restraints

how deeply we were wounded or by whom

in the end we sit alone

either free to be


holding our own hands behind our back

in an ironic gesture

of comfort


Nos chaines sont devenus produit de nos propres actions

peu importe la sévérité de notre conditionnement

la douleur de nos contraintes

la profondeur de nos blessures et qui les a infligé

au bout du compte nous nous tenons seuls

soit libre d’exister


nos mains derrière notre dos

dans un geste ironique

de réconfort





is this it


in my sensitive throat


this dreamy elevation pounding up my stairs

buzzing like bees behind my ears

eagling awake my Ursa Major


this cliche

slapping my eloquence

lathing me into curling pieces


I asked her liquid scales

I begged her

I made water coloured love for her

I sang it

I did

I am

I will

être ou ne pas être