no exhale

when the dark balloon when the dark balloon the dark balloon presses its rubbery skin on my inner being when it takes out a chunk of rib to fit i become a prisoner a minion a servant to its inflation dark balloon puffs itself with spiritual secrets faith is the favourite faith have faith testContinue reading “no exhale”


sit and listen toes just touching coloured light falling across your little knees now on the ground little knees….. up kneel sit stand sing down knees eyes closed open day by day word by word you are tied to Him you are cloaked in His magic bored until broken left hand heavy right hand floatingContinue reading “supPRESSme”

Soundless Feet

squeezed rubber holds his sole kissing deep an erudite trail of soft blossom a perfumed hummingbird rich mango and high fruited dancing over my pale skin his cocoa softness, eminates forming pages of story in a backdrop of forested thought each step a whisper of chi uncontrived effortless a note in the river song drawingContinue reading “Soundless Feet”

A Lily Opens

  Before time the enclosed garden tremors and a Lily opens…..   inviting conception a personal illuminati a patent a pact a private love making just Me ‘n God behind patterned screens the burgeoning idea levitates and then drawing his Saber like Obi One Kenobi HE WHIPS the  halo from my head pink and silver streakContinue reading “A Lily Opens”

Beautiful Disorder

  when my feet touch down and dust in armfuls spread like orange sunset when heat permeates my bones forcing my chin up and spine to spark and spin when my tongue alights on pepper and my neck twists to engage when my heart breaks free to meet the wind when my words match the angelsContinue reading “Beautiful Disorder”

Sand and Feathers

Feet and art make I (n) den tati on the earth the heart is large and deep thinking the hull, buoyant and safe the smile sometimes steel sometimes butter squeezes  in between words like itatoron do flying fish have feathers ? Owls tell me father’s secret his love is not hollow noise but like airContinue reading “Sand and Feathers”

Holy Kiss

  Wealthy like fresh water, flushing my throat God splashing my heart like waves! Holy kiss, biting lips, blue flame melting iron. Spirit, chasm cracks and folds it’s wings around like more skin. Tongue like sea serpent tugs at me touching whole mouth. Juniper, caged breath melting stars swallowed. One kiss, burst of truth, sweetest bladeContinue reading “Holy Kiss”

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