jardin d’amour

my garden of love sown I am woven of grace the old world is falling now moving us closer fuelled and feeling I know nothing without you I am unstable flow insecure uncontainable flooded by your tidal eyes contain me mon amour I am your cascade pouring into life created for you together we shallContinue reading “jardin d’amour”

Prose Poultice

hot rocks and books soothe me their awareness somewhat circular contained and expansive felting through my skin this fragrant prose poultice warming my naked heart flicking fingertips page by raw page  peeling back  textured and curly earthy and aromatic dust and water new and old like paperbark  the stories imagine my bare ocre overwhelmed with spearheaded life force  splicing theContinue reading “Prose Poultice”

to contain

so soft are the edges that boil and slide inside the copper a sweet fragrance like sugar or moist tobacco begging your tongue to heat it to bravely risk stringent addiction tasting and…. moving like a wild snake coiling intelligence looping and falling willing to swell in gravy waves grasping the rim like a mouthContinue reading “to contain”

red feather flowers

fixer you broke something I crawl in the ceiling over here under there in the dark night under the new moon this church is in disrepair there is dust on my fingers and in my hair my heart it must be here somewhere… I slide across the silver line along the dark wood walls aContinue reading “red feather flowers”

c’est tout lumiere

i see it in the cracks of your sideways smile it travels backward towards me even as you turn away it seeks me like a moth i see it in your shoulders, tightly held yet crookedly, secretly reaching through the crowd for me aligned you are your eyes a lake of stars an eerie, eroticContinue reading “c’est tout lumiere”

Senses Speak

the curtains part on hot bulging temples and spilling thighs words fall against themselves dying valiantly letting senses speak now beautiful uninhibited senses rolling bloody skin around howling channels of desire all sinew and strength tall beasts between french lines claw and tongue growling i must have the body length full not whisper not tipsContinue reading “Senses Speak”


and there it is puffy with pain liquid with shock orange with fear dangling flashing dangling but still blinking blinker blinker blinker exposing in flashes little linguistadors filing away rubbing glossing smoothing conspiralling seeking underskin surging now dismembering hammering and here the dangling still the orange star dripping upwards blinker blinker blinker    

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