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mini death



wishes are fishes

he touches me with his smile

every time i die


and still i survive

life’s excruciating want

my heart falls wider


on a cloud i am

my feet dangle in the sea

purveyor of all


i am a spider

my ribbon is curling wind

spinning the future


i sweep myself deep

i crush me into liquid

cupped in silken hope



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even breath offers hope


no matter the jubilant ribbons that string from me

or strike in desperate sheets

of seething frustration

it sticks

like a lion to the golden ground




it sings, this blind thing,

like a sword

stripping notes from the sky


falling slowly

begging touch

sweet lopping of heads

a silver screen, pops and jumps

making obvious the distortion that laps at my heart

more and more I laugh and yet it stays.


I hoped the laughing would coax it to light where it would fold over

revealing sharp edged flatness

but it seems the hoping just gives it a platform

and only acceptance offers hope

but that gives it a platform

that begs the acceptance that offers hope………. that gives….

even breath










Riding the Slipstream



A rudimentary craft

this dragon made of dreams

powered by liquid hope

and clever fools.

Kissing the clouds in a teenage fumble,

sporadic tufts of air sticking to its wings….

There is a trembling sort of certainty


a nebulous offering

to the gods of the sky

to the eagle me

that soars below, riding the slipstreams….


a bright heart

lit by a flashing emerald wish

to touch down again soon!