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The Chameleon



In the Apple tree after lunch, he sat.

His eyes shimmered and I was a mermaid.

I am what you think I am he said to me.

I am the sea.

I am the shells that shine a maternal pearl.

I am the tears that taste the corner of your lips.

I am salt and air.

I am the dark, red dirt of Earth’s womb.

I am you.

Touch me, lick my surface, bite into me like the apple that I am.

He turned his face away as if to gather his thoughts or breathe.

Then looked into my eyes, storm intense, a shocking lake of liquid fire.

There is nothing between us…..he said and I began to cry.

Not a thing, he repeated, to separate our being .

He pulled me onto his branch then, in the Apple tree, will you sit with me?

The golden hairs on his body dancing in the sun.

And I did

like sugar,

on the tip of God’s tongue.