even in summer

see that hole a no thing a darkness spot the one you can’t catch the dipping shadow skimming over yellow sails spreading purple salt it evades your finger a spirit trickster lazer beam you are a puppy bouncing tapping sniffing whining wishes are grabbing it’s the one the one that disappears the min min theContinue reading “even in summer”

Graceful Nonsense

thoughts falling in ladders downward sloping air anointed blessed and breathing tunnels past poaching pears and small precarious things… leaning and laughing tall words balancing on lonely blue chairs …. and there here at the highest point sweet musk curls inhaling a graceful nonsense   see more art > http://www.artofkundalini.com           Continue reading “Graceful Nonsense”

The Fabulous Fabrication

  A fork in the path appears whilst I, knee deep in nude undoing Can NOT anymore, in my rainforest cave,  resist the opal footprint, nor can I nail myself to the floor or wall in the face of this glowing movement forward OR ignore the veining shimmer that pulls me OUT and thrusts me in glossy, sweetContinue reading “The Fabulous Fabrication”

Cauldrons of Wishful Thought

  Where buildings are people compressed, transparent and towering a metaphoric world of shafted crystal noise muted light and waves of impermanent heat …………fly in ! Old dragon offering tunnels of copper cauldrons of wishful thought and sensual delight flavoured to warm one beyond sensical reckoning…… so swirling skyward I break out of my leather encapsulatingContinue reading “Cauldrons of Wishful Thought”


  disappearing bones of petal strength and crushed colour fitful pastel thought shaping over walls and the creeping sound that moves you and presses you, slinging into you, the very song you dream of purging…. and still in ten thousand years we are found mouthing words that bind our seemingly free delivering the sweet opiateContinue reading “Awaken”

Distraction of Sparks

  the phantom in it’s grotto grins upon a hexed cushion that stinks and smothers. Excessive rhythmic noise pounds gracelessly on my vestibule doors leaving fingerprints green with envy and moss. Reality flares, distress signals, sparking a heated tumbling and there is one choice ………..to embrace transparency …..or ……..shut ………my ………………eyes    

breaKING OF tHE AgReemenTS

the cloud  I AM suspends from The centre of this Space i am Salacious and Intrepid Dare I strip back the confines of this, might i Dissolve ? the mortar that sticks me here? Nebulous horizons offer Solace though Uncertain and there is a tough Stretching A beginning Song a tugging and puffing Of dense Flesh AContinue reading “breaKING OF tHE AgReemenTS”

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