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Stealing People?


To ‘steal another woman’s man’…

The phrase is old and unreliable

it reeks of guilty blame

and shying away from responsibility.


Stealing; a concept seen cleanly when

speaking of chocolate and cheap jewellry.

Woman; a word associated with shame.


The guilty party is not the stolen nor the thief

but the water upon which the woman states her


the mobile depths

the lack of firmament.


Stealing a man indeed

whoever heard such rubbish.


But what speaks here?


The use of abstract to deny the fact; the reality of pain in this world of grey matter.

Does it?


Matter I mean, really… DOES it?

Do we kill the abstract also, with our guilt.

Our need to claim, to drive our stake through someone elses heart?


It’s not as though I picked him up and put him in my pocket,

then scurried home to get him out

and thrill at my bold action with delight.


Or do we make real the theft

by doing just that in our lonely mind?


Is the purety of experience lost

in the hackles of a jealous thought?

The Pink House

Pink Bees stare

as hungry jealous queen pulls my hair

My pink house

up to waist in water

sliding on sand

Old man sits on wooden chair and squeezes little, pink hand

Pink sea house under disappearing steps

curving like questions or smoke

Girl house leans in pink water under thick grey, melodic sky

empty sea shell waits for next wave to bring pink friend

pink friends and bees fill empty sea shells whilst girl houses lean and spill on moving sand and jealous water