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The Land of Milk and Honey

oozing a nectar of trembling epiphany

sentry is sleeping whilst guarding pentuppery

secretly dreaming trespassing all over thee

working around the sacred inside of me

needing and wanting are twining a fantasy

always unspent in mortal absurdity


truth like a wave or a kiss from the other me

calls to the knowing waiting so patiently

climbing the ladder of tenuous certainty

thank you I say to the sleepy eyed sentry

i smile and step out of that tedious entropy

wild are my eyes in a rainbow of heavenly


is my youth

and honey infinity….


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I am reaching from my tips

like the invisible music grass makes

stretching the corners of wanton cells

tugging sinews and neural strands

gregorian tones pound me

love is making writhing sounds


from the lagoon of my eyes

I will be delivered

the motion of what I cannot see is intriguing

I am tumbling sick

but desperate for more


I fall in love with my own firing sensations

impulse leads me




the electricity courses

singing off

soaring into etheric orchestra

breaching known limits

flighting over distant reaches

craggy mountains

sublime blue

and the pitch of brightest yellow

my body shakes

resisting itself

colliding with spirit

wrenching free onto the sparking edges of uncertainty


into new worlds



lush arms





the disc that spins

inside my chest

methodically collects


it colours my world magenta and black

if I let it


these colours

are yours my love

and I spin them back to you

a gift of freedom….


channelling you

through my sensational machine

makes no ripple in your world of mixed message

but I hear you

you beg for ripples

you scream for change

I can feel it

throwing orange like a manic painter

splattering my floor, making me

slip, slippery

on lust and pain


the moon is high

wash your disc in a clear stream

I will feel it and I will know


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Senses Speak

the curtains part


hot bulging temples

and spilling thighs

words fall against themselves

dying valiantly

letting senses speak now

beautiful uninhibited senses

rolling bloody skin


howling channels of desire

all sinew and strength

tall beasts

between french lines

claw and tongue


i must have

the body length full

not whisper

not tips of bits

but the entirety

not nuance

or subtlety

no teetering bashful allegory

but ferocious indulgent swallowing





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is this it


in my sensitive throat


this dreamy elevation pounding up my stairs

buzzing like bees behind my ears

eagling awake my Ursa Major


this cliche

slapping my eloquence

lathing me into curling pieces


I asked her liquid scales

I begged her

I made water coloured love for her

I sang it

I did

I am

I will

être ou ne pas être


Begging The Dance


the deep pit

the hollow… the way in

a reception

a meeting

a hand holding ceremony

they spin my spine

in light of the heart

feet soft



sluicing into the microcosmic nakedness

it is art this dance

a revelation

a ladder

of stretched intention

dense with bone



guarded by angel thoughts

sometimes dark

huge winged creatures that ask to see your certainty before letting you pass

we name them,



we name them

Michael and Raphael

we name them

they are our grave thoughts our winged irony

our need

protecting us…

standing tall..

begging the dance

in the way





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#2 To the edges ~ an arty feeling game


I will be adding a post like this each week to encourage my friends to play emotional/art games with me ….


Does art trigger emotion in you?


My body can react quite strongly both negatively and positively to a piece of art. And as an emotional intelligence educator and an artist

I am very curious to understand this more deeply.

I have created a space on my website to play with and research the way art effects people physically/emotionally/spiritually.

If you would like to play please go to this link >>

Click on the link to play an arty feeling game with us. when I get enough comments on the website as in more than two 🙂 I will draw a winner

Click here>>  http://www.artofkundalini.com/play-with-me

Thankyou , I really appreciate your time,

love Arna