The Land of Milk and Honey

oozing a nectar of trembling epiphany sentry is sleeping whilst guarding pentuppery secretly dreaming trespassing all over thee working around the sacred inside of me needing and wanting are twining a fantasy always unspent in mortal absurdity but truth like a wave or a kiss from the other me calls to the knowing waiting so patientlyContinue reading “The Land of Milk and Honey”


the disc that spins inside my chest methodically collects sensations it colours my world magenta and black if I let it but these colours are yours my love and I spin them back to you a gift of freedom….   channelling you through my sensational machine makes no ripple in your world of mixed messageContinue reading “ripples”

Senses Speak

the curtains part on hot bulging temples and spilling thighs words fall against themselves dying valiantly letting senses speak now beautiful uninhibited senses rolling bloody skin around howling channels of desire all sinew and strength tall beasts between french lines claw and tongue growling i must have the body length full not whisper not tipsContinue reading “Senses Speak”


  is this it drumming in my sensitive throat ? this dreamy elevation pounding up my stairs buzzing like bees behind my ears eagling awake my Ursa Major ? this cliche slapping my eloquence lathing me into curling pieces …. I asked her liquid scales I begged her I made water coloured love for herContinue reading “être”

Begging The Dance

  the deep pit the hollow… the way in a reception a meeting a hand holding ceremony they spin my spine in light of the heart feet soft pounding generating sluicing into the microcosmic nakedness it is art this dance a revelation a ladder of stretched intention dense with bone with structure guarded by angel thoughtsContinue reading “Begging The Dance”

#2 To the edges ~ an arty feeling game

  I will be adding a post like this each week to encourage my friends to play emotional/art games with me ….   Does art trigger emotion in you?   My body can react quite strongly both negatively and positively to a piece of art. And as an emotional intelligence educator and an artist IContinue reading “#2 To the edges ~ an arty feeling game”

Thoughts Become Things!

  a flare in the mind, a surge through the  heart, a movement a mark,  a warm tongue without words and pigment coats eager fingers. Water cuts through mountains, a creature, a creative, a volcanic eruption…. Inspiration is my lover.   Hello everyone, I AM EXCITED to share with you my latest major creation The Art Of Kundalini Inspirational CardContinue reading “Thoughts Become Things!”

Art of Kundalini

  My ART  The ART OF KUNDALINI LONGING to explode to shatter the construction and flush my cells of the murk and grey that clings I lie on the grass and stars fall on my lips setting fire to my words wetting my passion I am you I know this and every pain and everyContinue reading “Art of Kundalini”

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