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The Egg


Next time you stand with an egg in your hand,

stop time and look.

Run your fingers over cool skin,

take in shape of the immaculate.

Hold it to your cheek, close your eyes, let it rest on your lips, taste it

Feel love clearly now.

When it comes time to crack the shell

tap with your ears,

and let the soft tapping in.

Let the sound of the shell cracking, resonate in your heart and in your soul.

Hear love’s words, do not miss a thing.

The message is for you.

Watch the contents fall,

into bowl or cup,

oh love,

the nourishing life source.

Do not sway from the moment,

this is your yellow and your soft white spilling.

Take time to revel in perfection.

See Love’s offering,

in pliable receptivity,

no regret,

in unbridled innocence.

With fingers or fork,

swirl through the centre of of pure consciousness,

meld the gold with clarity and feel unity enter you.

This moment is yours.

Create a dish of spectacular delight, each ingredient, singing!

Allow the harmony of  exquisite universe to bring light to your kitchen and your soul.

And when you place the culinary masterpiece onto table, spend a silver moment.

Connect with every being that stands here with you.

Give thanks to the world for participating in this meal,

from farmers to sun,

the wholesalers and the boy who cleaned the chicken coop.

Remember the man who fixed the tractor and the girl who sowed the seeds that fed the chickens.

Thank the hen who delivered the egg.

Spread your blessings and swim the LOVE that came to birth this moment.

The oxygen magnificent of All That Is,

the egg, the hand that held the egg.

And when food touches tongue,

know that without YOU this moment could never be.