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can you feel my love today?

I polish my window

can you feel today my love?


I am visible


a never-kiss

kisses hot imaginaire

to separate from not-thin air

to turn from him, never known

to find the sun and call it home

to extricate from ties that bind

to slip from not-arms in the mind

how to kill a form not real

a ghost a spirit a thought a feel

a dancing sprite tugs me through

veils of misty never-true

a world of made up make believe

a heaven blue with no reprieve

not-lover why are you still here?

how can i make you disappear?

a brain that works except with this

you cannot wipe clean a never-kiss


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what is love…….?

the breath

the feeling

the thought

the wish

the view

the memory

the thought

the feeling

the touch

the want

the eyes

the loss

the wish

the feeling

the smell

the thought

the touch

the wish

the view

the wish

the wish

the wish?

in these particles of truth

I resound



a crashing wave

only one moment

and a dent in the sand


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c’est tout lumiere

i see it in the cracks of your sideways smile

it travels backward towards me even as you turn away

it seeks me like a moth

i see it in your shoulders, tightly held

yet crookedly, secretly reaching through the crowd for me

aligned you are your eyes

a lake of stars

an eerie, erotic mirror

i see you like a fox trying to hide from the moon

ma lumière

mon coeur est allume parce que tu existes

no more no less

c’est tout lumière


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i am his fish

he is dreaming


i am feeling


he turns inside me

his tail waves through me

i am full of fish

he swims my channels

erasing me

drawing circles

fanning light

his dream becomes me

i am his fish


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blue lagoons


he holds the gaze

but i deny him

i look away

this blue

is not

what it seems

it is not cool

it is liquid earth

lava star

i am afraid

the heat is hidden

I have never seen this

I am scared

this is new

my heart might drown

in molten blue







on current

with current

a clever matrix

of intention

a wide conduit

a stranding blue print



don’t look with your eyes

he is far too beautiful

look away now

open the door

step outside

breathe the moon


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