the blue line

  The eddy the vortex the eye THE I the blue line…… I bring to me the universe on the palm of my hand, a twirling harmony. I bring the sheets of jewelled air palleting around in thick knifing strokes around around around like ribbons….. the core the pearl spinning, within me containing, caressing theContinue reading “the blue line”

The Fabulous Fabrication

  A fork in the path appears whilst I, knee deep in nude undoing Can NOT anymore, in my rainforest cave,  resist the opal footprint, nor can I nail myself to the floor or wall in the face of this glowing movement forward OR ignore the veining shimmer that pulls me OUT and thrusts me in glossy, sweetContinue reading “The Fabulous Fabrication”

one misty thought

  sifting over misty mountain sliding along horizons silently . . mesmerisingly an allowing point converging in the rising steamy coolness delivering from somewhere deep inside a peaking breath to shake the soul a little cavalier, axe wielding, idea chipping away at the grave clinging…. a positive clearing exposing crisp and naked blue  

Corn I AM

  lets shuck these green folds of corn skin that cover me my kernel is sweet I am…. rows and rows of friends walking stiffly forward a drama unplanned, randomly perfect, an organised chaos I in my gold pants and flourishing breasts like waterfalls of flesh sun bleached dunes parting veils dripping butter smiling inContinue reading “Corn I AM”

Towers of Ecstasy

my response to Rainer Maria Rilke’s Duino Elegies  , below is the fifth of ten poems. This body rising fleshly dough bursting flowers forth the hue of singular purpose though unknown peeking blue by blue over brickwork through little windows purple red and gold the light brings peace while stepping on trembling steps controlled by rusty beatContinue reading “Towers of Ecstasy”


  Yes the blood that leaks a thousand fish is mine ……..! AND I wield the glinting weapon that falls upon your upturned face. Lit by scented moonlight we are one and that is the price, your innocence is molasses, and I the thick-tongued cow that laps you up! My consciousness performs, a conflicted melody a lighthearted ballet, perhapsContinue reading “Innocence”

Your Guts and Your Glitter

  I love you ALL you green hide sea monsters! deep diving, angel swimmers! swift, shallow water bug skimmers! my adoration! my  kisses are…. a smacking hallelujah! You write or draw with passion, nerve deep your feet are hurting wanting to kick! i see screaming and sighs scrabbling to touch, sometimes I throw down the pageContinue reading “Your Guts and Your Glitter”

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