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Nowhere Man

my feet are lighter than water

and skin

a warm but repetitive thing

gouache spreads, I am riding this light

a dynamic cellular beating lifts and a rush of wing feeds the air

I am the nowhere man

holding the gold with certain eyes, willing the contrast

striking the wrist and peeling the flesh….

kneading morbid thought in silver fists


pulling grass with smiling ivory

cracking twigs and ribs


in the desert

in the centre of coral

in the midst of leaking heat

my feet

are lighter

than water


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Falling Open



A question

spreads in me,

turning keys

and slipping locks.

Molten steel whips my spirit

in long lines of burning rush.

Inexplicably it rivers lava through my obstinate reality

sliding bolts and throwing open doors.

Sashes hit the walls

and sprays of light enter me

like water to the floor


in thick crystal sheets

washing me out.


a bright orange flash of spirited sexuality

and I am returned to colour.