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Colours Of Woman

Hello Friends!

I would love to invite YOU ALL to the release of my online exhibition 

I hope you can pop through on the link above and join us for a little bit of fine art.

Please remember to leave your thoughts on the guestbook page, 
as an artist striving to better my technique and connection with others, your feedback is of great value to me. 

Feel free to share the link with anyone you may think would enjoy my work, I appreciate the exposure. 

Thankyou for all your support,

Warm wishes and a sky full of fabulous LOVE


I AM Grateful For My Breath



I breathe the coloured air


like Autumn


teaspoon in a cup.


A touching


precision the dawn brings with it,

a focus, an esteem of something new;

like Womanness.


‘Womanness,’ he said, just a word, a new word,

or more…

a strange word,

a strange man, but real maybe…..


WO MAN (is this) NESS (ecary)





desire for balance

desire for Woman ness.



more or less


I don’t know

let me pause for a moment between