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Poem~ one dreamy line & Paris Update

Before Poetry ~ Dear Friends , a quick update on GoFundMe campaign to get to Paris (from Australia) to study we are almost half way there!!! if you can see fit to join my adventure and help a little it would be appreciated and rewarded GREATLY! thanks in advance and thanks to all those who have already been MORE than generous x see rewards list here : http://www.gofundme.com/parisresidency

One Dreamy Line


lines fading

a corporation of interactive breath

an agreement of experiential antagonism

form no form

my toes are singing anomalies

blue tunes,

a devil’s orange

segmented, clean

so inside out I dive

feathery tips playing elevated vibration

oh my merry mandolin

interlocking slips of light

the length of me is braided loosely if i allow…..

then a splinter of thought can become lost amongst interweaving illusions

and pain a sensual delight of delicious opportunity

always curling inward

again again a fibonacci opera

you can find me in the bridging strands

I am only a bead

of colour

a kiss

a blink

11898538_912616768805869_4369414638484842459_nto see more art please go to http://www.artofkundalini.com

Art Residency in PARIS

OH I have the opportunity to study art in PARIS and this is a quick note to ask for a tiny bit of your help!

I have created a GoFundMe campaign to get from OZ to France and have made the incentives to donate as YUMMY DELICIOUS and creative as I could.

Every donor gets to nominate a school to receive a Kids In Touch ~ eKIT which is arts connected Emotional Intelligence stuff to empower children. AND added extra for here at silver poetry, every donor who loves poetry and mentions this to me will have a poem written and dedicated for them on this blog with a link to their page!

There are also paintings and travel journals and postcards created in Paris.

oh thank you thank you in advance !

Another thing – if this campaign reaches its target I will be enlarging the attached picture to two metres tall and auctioning it off giving all the proceeds to LITA ~ Love is the Answer a canadian charity operating out of Uganda to help aids affected orphans.

GO here to see the incentives and donate if you feel like it xxx

thankyou for sharing for me too stay tuned for some actual poetry soon!


Drawing entitled ‘You Are Blessed’




it is a YES

yes to Paris

the rippling water and YES in the gullet of silver fishes

yes to the thick splash

allaying fear and peeling hearts

yes to the face

that looms above me in it’s zombie mask

yes to hot pain that forges space

within my gut

yes yes yes

in Bocaccian wings,

in the  blood-red flutter

behind the telltale curtains

yes to the madness that feeds this electric life


to the solid frame that requires

silk and feathers

in order to fly

yes to it all brother

yes to this inclement dream!