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bang my fists against the wall

bloody hands

moving through

butter and brains

blast that ragged hole

and flay my chest,

I hear it

sound of angel canons

boom the gong on my forlorn frenzy of flesh

crack the leopards spots and cause the  spreading of colour on water

thrust  that hip forward in shocking rhythm

burst out of the skin

adorned in dusted curtains of colour

fly your restless Phoenix

clipped no more

to join the starry starry night

You May Find


Deep inside,

if you choose to look,

you may find;

an early bird

a whirling dervish

a dark eyed lush

a smoke signal

a stalagmite

a Phoenix

a blue moon

a maypole

a boat

a poppy seed

a mountain path

a bodhisattva

an arterial spring

a concept

an apple

a broiling sea

an ache

a wish

a lion

a dictionary

a laugh

a frog

an egg

a melody

a paintbrush

a temptation

a prayer

a rosebud

a fight

and a rocking chair