to contain

so soft are the edges that boil and slide inside the copper a sweet fragrance like sugar or moist tobacco begging your tongue to heat it to bravely risk stringent addiction tasting and…. moving like a wild snake coiling intelligence looping and falling willing to swell in gravy waves grasping the rim like a mouthContinue reading “to contain”

The experiencer

I am the experiencer necromancer too wizard of the sky my feet are curved like moons I taste the surface of this earth or my imagination portaling through dissolution death seated in soft blooms innocent flying inside spread eagled in my sphere following the crows on course to blue star heart music a snaky illuminationContinue reading “The experiencer”

The Perfect Game

hours I spent with my cheek against your spirit smoothing the walls of a private utopia a summer of thought sweet like balloons of sugar mouthful of music sometimes a note that matched my heart claiming me with words like sacred and heat now back from the platform in his throat where I sat waitingContinue reading “The Perfect Game”

le sucre le plus doux

to feel it sweeeeeep like a flying wasp beautiful and bold hovering above my bed eyeing me thoughtfully a virtue of vibration sprinkling by gold upon my pinkened cheek promise of liberation and or exquisite pain then a downward swoop wild laughing out of almost nowhere brushing me dangerously causing a swell of squeal toContinue reading “le sucre le plus doux”

merging stars

you are like an elixir and we are merging stars in one stolen breath at 8.24 abandon to beautiful then hours of sweet alone immersed stretched and alive quiet but for the soaring song of birds and the sound of worship pushing from my body in waves of deep base invitation softly stroking ancient painContinue reading “merging stars”

gone magic me

hold me in your crumbling arms I am nothing perfumed and placating slide me through the dust momentary corner smile on red heart face then gone magic me breathspark particles release from nowhere man his pipe is damp non existent pipe relief into black psychedelic portals in holographic space suit wild number 4 silver andContinue reading “gone magic me”

Heathen Altar

I am an altar on which to spread your length flesh and soft take me in your teeth an offering, splayed and wide a hot invite a worthy sacrifice a beckoning an easy conquest? but for the riot asked of you to bleed your ancient pain release from all mundane lids tremble gleaming slit aContinue reading “Heathen Altar”

Incandescent Arousal

shifting me he shudders my entirety body arching exhale he spills inwardly returning home we meet in a temple of heated light incandescent arousal sex is god and it becomes us the beauty transported in a flume of electricity water lethal a whirling dervish of time a nucleus or an ion I am something somewhereContinue reading “Incandescent Arousal”

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